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DC Women Kicking Ass

Thoughts, pictures, reviews and other stuff about the women in comics who kick ass. This is a feminist site. Deal with it.
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Sep 1 '14

New Interactive Batgirl Book and Costume and More DC Women Merchandise Now Available at Hallmark Stores

Hallmark has long has a relationship with DC Comics for merchandise such as Christmas ornaments and greeting cards. But now they have expanded their merchandise to include some other items.

Earlier this summer the company launched a set of “Itty bitty” toys featuring DC heroes including Wonder Woman:


That’s about the actual size of the doll by the way.

The line also includes Superman, Batman and the Flash. There are also Marvel versions including Spider-Man and Iron Man (sadly no female characters). They are $6.95.

But now Hallmark has released a particularly awesome Halloween item featuring Batgirl. And it is awesome.

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Aug 28 '14

Wonder Woman, Supergirl Featured in Upcoming Six Flags 3D Ride

Six Flags announced a new 3D ride JUSTICE LEAGUE: BATTLE FOR METROPOLIS will debut at two of their parks in 2015. The company PRs state:

As you explore the interactive Hall of Justice, you’ll be given special 3D glasses and a working stun gun to help you battle Lex Luthor and The Joker. They’ve hacked into BATMAN’s computer and kidnapped the world’s favorite superheroes, SUPERMAN, BATMAN, WONDER WOMAN, and GREEN LANTERN. Now you must bust into Lex Corp. to rescue them!

Board motion-based vehicles for a wild journey through the Metropolis streets, where you’ll meet up with life-sized animatronics.

Everywhere you look, state-of-the-art 3D imagery will draw you deeper into the adventure. Your unique transporter will take you piloting through a realistic 3D environment.

Can you thwart The Joker’s evil plan to infect the city with laughing gas? Only if you’re brave enough to join the JUSTICE LEAGUE Reserve Team!

While I expected to see Wonder Woman in the game I was surprised to see Supergirl as well although given it is Metropolis that is being battled over perhaps that make sense. (And perhaps another high profile female character that lives in that city?)

The new ride also uses the new versions and costumes of characters.

It’s not clear the whole Justice League will appear in the game - Cyborg is seen in the video but not Aquaman.The game debuts at the parks in Texas and Missouri next Spring.

Aug 27 '14

Comics to Read Today, 8/27 

The traditional rather than official end of summer is here. I’m sad to see summer go but there so many comics to look forward to in the fall it helps mitigate it. Here’s some to close up the season.

I don’t have any official first issues for you this week but I do have an issue that is good for you to jump on to a series.

I’ve included this book in my picks for awhile and this starts a new arc where Gail Simone is joined by Rhianna Pratchett the writer of the Tomb Raider game this comic is based on. I’m not a gamer and really only know Lara Croft from the movies but I still enjoy this comic which has a well-written female lead. Give it a try.

If you didn’t pick up the first issue of this grab it and then read this one.

Have you been reading this? What do you think? I’m actually enjoying it more than The Walking Dead …!

Bad ass Mother-in-Law. Bad ass babysitter. Together they fight crime (just kidding but you would read that, wouldn’t you?


When Conner/Palmiotti came on board they tweaked Harley’s costume to look more like roller derbier. And there you go.

It appears both 4 & 5 are out today. 

And that’s it for me … maybe. Lois Lane, who you may have heard is getting a YA book next year, is on the cover of two DC Comics this week - Futures End and Batman/Superman. I’m tempted to get them but my budget is so small. Let me know what you think …

Aug 25 '14

Lois Lane YA Novel Coming!

Lois Lane will be getting the YA novel treatment come January from author Gwenda Bond. The book, titled Fallout, is from Capstone/Switch will focus on young Lois Lane just starting out in Metropolis. The 304 page book will be released in January (Update: the writer says May). Will Superman appear? Check out the blurb below to see.


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Aug 24 '14

After This Week, Something Sweet About Female Superheroes

So. This week sucked to be talking about women in comics, no?

Well how about some candy?

It’s pretty sad but I get excited every time any item features a female character when a superhero line up is shown. Earlier tonight someone asked me about the lack of Gamora in the GOTG items and more often than not that’s the way it is. But I recently saw some candy that was more inclusive:

Apparently when it comes to superhero candy girls are okay to include.

Aug 24 '14

highpointshoulder asked:

Any thoughts on the lack of Gamora merchandise? (in reference to the Children's Place and their dated response to the lack of Gamora representation & other retailers as well)

I’m not surprised at all to be honest. I’ve written time and time again about how Wonder Woman has been left out of or pushed to the back for promotions from snack cakes to decorative items.  It wasn’t always this way but today the marketing for superheroes is today is very gender specific and the appearance on a woman on stuff for boys makes it into a “girl thing” - its incredibly sad. There have been some bright spots this year but the lack of Gamora is just another example the no-girls thinking.

Aug 24 '14

mushroom1productions asked:

2 Questions about WW: How would you feel about Geoff Johns writing her? And, who would be your ideal writer for her (who hasn't written her on her own book before)?

Geoff Johns isn’t my favorite Wonder Woman writer based on his JSA run where she came across as “lecture woman” - but perhaps he’d surprise me. He did write an awesome Mera. Of the top writers at DC right now, I’ve said many times that I’d love to Scott Snyder take her on and I think we’ll probably see that in the not so distant future. Outside of DC Comics I’d really like to see a Kathryn Immonen run - I adored her JIM with Sif. Can you imagine if Wonder Woman had gotten the husband/wife team of the Immonens? I’d have cried tears of joys. 

Aug 23 '14

A Tale of Two Asses: Why Can’t Comics Learn?

Let’s walk through the scenario - A large comic publisher seems to have an opportunity or desire to expand their readership to include more women and thus increase revenue. They issue a cover that shows one of their female characters in a highly sexual pose with a distorted ass.

You may think I am discussing this week’s web explosion over Milo Manara’s variant of the first issue of Spider-Woman. But I could just as well be discussing the 0 issue of Catwoman from two years ago.

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Aug 20 '14

Comics to Read, 8/21

Happy Wednesday comics fans! This week there is three first issues for you - who said summer was slow?

First up is a comic that has been anticipated and worked on for years and, based on the first issue, will be read and analyzed for probably just as long. 


I’m far from a Morrison fanboy, but I was looking forward to this (perhaps not quite as much as a certain other book of his but …) I’ve read the first issue a few times and I’m still not ready to process it. But if you like superhero comics, like the idea of different comic worlds, like to diverse versions of your favorite DC characters (and Marvel characters) and prefer it with a huge topping of meta and fourth wall breaking - this is the comic for you. (Also see that Mary Marvel on the cover - can we all send that to the Rock?)


If you listened to 3 Chicks a few weeks ago you heard Ed Brubaker talk a lot about The Fade Out his new ongoing from Image that debuts today. Brubaker knows how to write comic film noir and his partners Sean Phillips and Bettie Breitweiser make it look as rich as engaging as any noir movie. So good.


Last week I made the first digital issue of Sensation Comics - the new digital first comic starring Wonder Woman - my top pick. This week you can 1) buy the newest digital chapter 2) got to the LCS and buy the floppy of all four first chapters. What you can’t do, and please correct me if I am wrong, is buy the digital version of the floppy issue out today. So that means the LCS readers will see the two chapters by Cat Staggs and Amanda Deibert before digital readers. That seems strange. I’ll wait to weigh in until I can get to the LCS and as I was not provided with a review copy. 

And now on to the rest of today’s picks!


So good. Sooooo good. Or as we say in Boston, WICKED GOOD.


You know who is awesome? Storm. Did you read my interview with Greg Pak? No? Click away and read and see a preview including Wolverine.


Marvel, Marvel, Marvel. How can you give us the absolute wonderfulness of this book and then give us … yeah. I wonder if Wolverine is contractually obligated to show up in all the Women of Marvel books?


I’m not sure where this storyline is going but I will probably follow Kate Kane mostly anywhere.


Bad ass Gordons ASSEMBLE!


This was on my list of picks last week and if you read it you know it is very relevant to what is going on in the news. And again why isn’t Afua Richardson getting more work? 

That’s it for me - unless I totally missed a book you think I should be reading! And what are you picking up? And if you read the comics above - what did you think?

Aug 18 '14

Take a Look at this ASSMAZING Variant Cover for Spider-Woman #1

Marvel continues to give female characters their own books. Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, Black Widow, Elektra, Storm and now Jessica Drew, Spider-Woman/

Are you excited?

Check out these covers from Spider-Woman #1. First the regular cover by Greg Land. Oh, wait, you knew that Greg Land was drawing this? 

I feel so bad about Jessica’s leg - where did it go? Perhaps it is with Silk’s spine?

But wait! Here’s the variant from Milo Manara

Marvel has done a terrific job providing their female led books with artists that have strong story telling skills and draw female characters that aren’t objectified.

Until now.

I like Jessica Drew and would have eagerly read this book. 

But those covers?

Land on art?

Talk about mixed signals. Oh well, I still have the other books.

Aug 18 '14

New 3 Chicks with Black Widow Writer Nathan Edmundson

There’s a 3 Chicks ready for download so get thee to the iTunes or PodBean! This week we chat with writer Nathan Edmundson about Black Widow. We talk about his take on the character and how he works with Phil Noto. 

We also review two comics Hexed #1 and She-Hulk #7 - What did we think?

And we wrap it up with a discussion about Marvel vs. DC movies and Boston Comic Con. And … because YOU demanded it … a DRAMATIC READING!

So give us a listen and leave us comments!

Aug 15 '14

Guest Post: “Some of My Best Friends are Straight”: Boston Comic Con’s Queer Comics Panel

Note: One of my favorite guest posters (and fellow Bostonian) Jon E. Christianson is back with a look at the Queer Comics panel from this past weekend’s BCC.

The (convention) halls were alive with the sights of lines this past weekend in Boston’s Seaport World Trade Center. Comic book creators had winding lines. Celebrity panel lines were an ouroboric nightmare.

Boston Comic Con had all the right lines in all the expected places, except for one panel. BCC’s first annual Queer Comics panel, tucked away in a room for maybe one hundred people, boasted a line the convention was not prepared for. It snaked through hallways, around corners, and eventually doubled upon itself.

People were turned away at the door. Hosted by journalist Brigid Alverson, the panel featured four panelists: writer/artist Tana Ford (Duck, New Warriors), writer Jennie Wood (Flutter, A Boy Like Me), podcaster and writer Amber Love  (podcast Vodka O’Clock, Holyoak), and Geeks OUT! president and co-founder Joey Stern.


From left to right, Tana Ford, Jennie Wood, Amber Love, Joey Stern. Photo by Ashley Hansberry

Alverson offered a brief overview of queer comics history, noting that societal changes and self-publishing have contributed to the genre’s success.

“What queer works have resonated with you?” Alverson asked the panel.

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Aug 14 '14

Greg Pak Talks Storm and a Look at the Second Issue

In July Marvel Comics made some major announcements regarding diversity in its comic line - Thor will now be a woman and the Captain America title will now be taken by Sam Wilson. But July also saw the first issue of Storm, one of the only ongoing superhero comics ever launched that is headlined by a black woman. The first issue sold just shy of 50K copies in print. (Marvel does not report digital sales although industry buzz says that is a robust business for certain titles).

The second issue is out next week (preview below) and I chatted a bit with writer Greg Pak about Storm and what we can expect to see from the series.

Q. So Storm has been in four movies, animated shows and even has her own ride in Orlando. You’ve been talking about wanting to do a solo Storm series for three years. Why do you think it has take so long to get a series?

I imagine it’s a combination of things. Marvel’s had some great success in recent months and years with solo books featuring female characters. So I figure that’s played into it, which is awesome. And there’s the fact that Storm is the favorite character of Marvel editor Daniel Ketchum, and eventually he was going to get this book of the ground. I just feel fortunate that I was available and on Daniel’s radar when he started looking for a writer. (Thanks, Daniel!)

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Aug 13 '14

Comics to Read Today, 8/13 - The Wonder Woman Sensation Edition

Greetings fellow comic fans, after a much needed vacation I am back with some comic picks for the week. As usual I am starting with a first issue of a new comic or actually an old comic!

Today we get the first chapter of the digital first comic Sensation Comics starring Wonder Woman. When the project was announced last year I wrote about why I thought it was important chief among them it gives Wonder Woman a second title of her own for the first time 62 years. 


Today is the first chapter of one of two stories that will end up in a floppy out next week. It’s interesting that the first issue of Wonder Woman is set in Gotham but it gives writer Gail Simone a chance to write not one but two characters she closely associated with - Wonder Woman and Barbara Gordon as Oracle. As you can see from the cover costumes this is very out of continuity. It’s take 62 years to get Wonder Woman another title that doesn’t include her taking second bill to her boyfriend, if you want more you may want to drop the $.99 to buy this today to tell DC you want more.


The current arc of Captain Marvel has been quite enjoyable. Hey that makes me think - you know who should be on the silver screen in their own movies? Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel! Wonder why that hasn’t happened yet? 


You may be familiar with Genius which won the Top Cow pilot season many years ago. Or you may not. Doesn’t matter I strongly recommend you pick it up (be aware this contains adult language). Woman of color lead and incredible art by Afua Richardson who, come to think of it, would draw an awesome Wonder Woman (or just about anything - get to it comic publishers).


A man and woman are able to make time stand still by having sex! Kegel face! Brimping. You know who doesn’t make kegel face? Wonder Woman.


Gail Simone OWNS the female warrior comic book world today because she is writing Red Sonja AND Wonder Woman today.


Zero Year is over but that Snyder keeps writing! During Boston Comic Con Snyder said he wants to write Wonder Woman - let’s make that happen DC! (Also I think we’ll probably see Wonder Woman appear in the next arc along with every character in the DCU!)


I spoke to Tim Seeley for awhile during Boston Comic Con about how they manage to the writing on the multi-author multi-character book and it was pretty interesting. No Wonder Woman in this book … so far (actually I doubt she’ll show up but wouldn’t it be awesome?)


I bet you’re wondering how I’ll work Wonder Woman into this? Hah, Eve Coffin was a Boston cop - Wonder Woman lived in Boston during Perez’s run.

And that’s it for me this week. What did I miss? What’s on your list?

Aug 10 '14
What’s A Comic Con without a Discussion of Cass Cain?
The jocular and talented Chris Burnham was at Boston Comic Con this weekend and how could I resist getting a commission of Cass Cain as Black Bat in the costume he designed?
And speaking of Cass Cain and the new 52, keep hope alive. In other words, I feel a bit better than I have in awhile about the character. 

What’s A Comic Con without a Discussion of Cass Cain?

The jocular and talented Chris Burnham was at Boston Comic Con this weekend and how could I resist getting a commission of Cass Cain as Black Bat in the costume he designed?

And speaking of Cass Cain and the new 52, keep hope alive. In other words, I feel a bit better than I have in awhile about the character.