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DC Women Kicking Ass

Thoughts, pictures, reviews and other stuff about the women in comics who kick ass.
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... she's pretty amazingly ignorant of comics outside of the Batverse and some recent Wonder Woman, and seems pretty clueless about the way the industry works. That and she doesn't write that well at all." anonymous poster, Dreamwidth
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Mar 31 '14

Clearing up Some Misconceptions About Wonder Woman

One of my favorite guest posters, Tim Hanley, has taken his love of comics to a new level. This week his book about Wonder Woman becomes available. I’ve read a copy and if you like Wonder Woman or woman in comics, you need to read this book. Buy it here. To celebrate the release, Tim is guest posting again and this time he takes on some misconceptions about Wonder Woman and her world.


Tim’s thoughts follow.

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Mar 30 '14

sabaqq asked:

I may have just missed any mention of this but I was wondering what happened to the podcast. I know Kelly has a book coming out and I'm sure you both are probably busy. I really enjoyed it and was curious.

Thanks so much for asking about the podcast. Kelly has been very busy with her Kickstarter and other gigs. Hopefully we’ll be back very soon.

Mar 30 '14

indigoswankster asked:

Have you ever read Superman: Red Son? If not, it's definitely worth a read. It's like, what would have happened if Superman were found in the Soviet Union instead of in Kansas? It's a very interesting read, especially from a historical perspective. (And it's got Wonder Woman and Batman too!)

I have read it. I can’t argue the premise is amazingly smart but I have issues with the execution.

Mar 29 '14

New Batman Eternal Art From Dustin Nguyen

At the Batman Eternal panel at Emerald City Comic Con, they revealed new art from the upcoming Batman Eternal weekly including a page that appears to show the moment that leads to this from the "Thanksgiving Teaser"


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Mar 29 '14

Wonder Woman gets Bloodied Up on Cover of SM/WW #7

During the new 52 panel at Emerald City Comic Con, writer Charles Soule discussed how the next arc of the story will be about “change” as well as tie into a cross-over starring Doomsday that will take place across all the Superman books. 

They also showed the dress cover for Superman/Wonder Woman #7 and it looks a bit different than what got solicited. Actually you could say bloody different:

First here is the original solicited cover

And here is the dress cover

Is Wonder Woman less invulnerable these days? 

Mar 29 '14

Simone Says Her Next Batgirl Arc is Something She’s Been Asking for For 3 Years

At the DC New 52 Panel at the Emerald City Comic Con, Gail Simone said her upcoming arc in Batgirl - issues 32-34 will include something or someone she’s been asking for since the start of the new 52. Simone said she’s “asked and asked”. When the moderator asked if she could say a name, she answered “probably shouldn’t.”

So what could it be? A returning pre-52 character? Weil they finally mention Oracle? What do you think?

Also here’s a look at the panel, which you’ll note is a rarity for DC at shows in having two female writers on the dais.

Mar 28 '14

Here’s a Look at Renee Montoya in “Gotham”

As previously reported actress Victoria Cartagena has been cast as Renee Montoya in Fox’s Gotham. And here is a look at the actress in character filming with Ben McKenzie as Jim Gordon.

What do think?


Mar 28 '14

DC Official Unveils Equinox - the Young Cree Superhero in Justice League Unlimited

Last month I brought you the very first look at the newest superhero in DC Comics. The character, created by Jeff Lemire, is a young Cree woman and was based on a real-life activist. Today the character was formerly introduced and her name is Equinox.

Equinox is, according to the CBC,  ”a 16-year-old Cree teen from Moose Factory named Miiyahbin, whose power stems from the Earth and changes with the seasons.”

Here she is on the cover the update cover of Justice League United #0

You can read more about Equinox and see a sneak peek of the comic here.

Mar 28 '14

David E. Kelley Continues to Complain About Trying to Write Wonder Woman TV Show

David E. Kelley, creator of the ultimately awful attempt to create a Wonder Woman TV show, has once again weighed in on how hard it is to do what he tried and failed to do.

Speaking to a reporter at the Television Hall of Fame dinner where he was inducted for programs that did not include Wonder Woman, the writer stated:

“When you are going to do a super hero character, you’re competing with special effects. Television budgets are hard to match with respect to the future world. … Audiences are used to seeing the (film) exploits of Iron Man and Batman and that can’t be accomplished in TV. That’s the hurdle for anyone in the super hero franchise to take on.”

Previously Kelley chalked up part of the problem for his unfamiliarity with superheroes and "mistakes"

Kelley’s script for the pilot was roundly criticized for its take on a modern Wonder Woman who, among other things, had multiple personalities and killed people.

Kelley is married to actress Michelle Pfeiffer who played Catwoman in the film Batman Returns. Ironically last month several people (including myself) pointed out the resemblance of the young actress selected to play Selina Kyle in the in “Gotham” a upcoming TV show which will star a young Bruce Wayne as well as other characters from the Batverse.

That show will join Arrow and Constantine as television programs based on male characters from the DC universe that are not Wonder Woman.

Last year Amazon, the proposed television show starring a young Wonder Woman, was shelved by the CW who aired the long running Smallville.

Wonder Woman’s only media appearance outside of animation in almost 40 years is currently a “guest role” in the upcoming, unnamed Man of Steel film sequel referred to as Batman vs. Superman. She will be played by Gal Gadot.

Below is actress Adrianne Palicki, who was the best thing about Kelley’s attempt, in the classic “bathing suit” costume in the pilot.


Mar 27 '14

Whitewashing Again? Dear Colorists and Editors, Please Stop This

A few years ago I was very happy that DC Comics added a young East Indian woman to the Teen Titans. 


Solstice/Kiran seemed like an interesting character although we barely got to know her before the rebooted the DCU. But a character with the same name showed up in the new 52. Of course, when she showed up she looked a lot different.


The Teen Titans has been cancelled and will have its last issue in May, not surprising as it has generally been considered one of the worst runs using the title Teen Titans, ever. But before we go we saw Solstice in her human form. 


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Mar 27 '14

Some Familiar Faces in Injustice: Gods Among Us

I’ve stayed far away from this comic given its first arc was basically an ad for Maytag. But as the comic has gone on its premise of an out-of-continuity, multiworld comic (as opposed to the New 52 multiworld, incontinuity comic) has let us see some characters eliminated in the latter.

I mentioned last week that Oracle has shown up in the digital comic penned by Tom Taylor’and that certainly intrigued me. So his Tweet suggesting there was more in chapter 6 made me slap down my $.99.

And I was happy I did. (Spoilers for those who haven’t read it)!

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Mar 26 '14

Comics to Read, 3/26

It’s Spring, except they are predicting snow here. First I want to thank all of you who answer my questions last week - the answers were very interesting. If you didn’t get a chance last week here are the two questions - how do you buy your comics - LCS, digital, online and what gender you identify as. You can respond to this or in Disqus comments. Thanks and I’m going to compile these and share. And now on to the comics. It’s a very slim week this week.


I’m going to be there’s a mermaid in this as Snyder has been tweeting about Mermaids while promoting this.


Just read this, ‘k? When it finally gets turned into a TV show you’ll be able tell folks you were reading it before TV got a hold of it.

Yes, this was on last week’s list. I screwed up the dates. So if you went to you store looking for it, time to go back!

I’m curious if anyone is getting this - if you are let me know.

Hawkeye has just been a mess lately when trying to line up solicits and dates. But that is Madame Masque, the art is by Annie Wu and it does seem from the preview still be HawkKate VeronicaMarsing it. So what’s not to like?


And that’s it. I was on the fence for the Amanda Waller one-shot as I like Jim Zub as a writer but the art I saw in the preview does not entice me to spend $4.99. Perhaps YMMV. I was also tempted by Catwoman as Sholly Fisch is filling in as a writer. Again his writing is looking good in the preview but the art didn’t quite work based on what I saw so I’ll save my $2.99 this week. Let me know if you think it is worth it.

What’s on your list? And remember if you didn’t answer the questions last week, do try this week.

Mar 25 '14

Happy Birthday 80th Birthday Gloria Steinem, the Woman Who Put the Wonder Back in Wonder Woman

Gloria Steinem is 80 years old today and as one of the architects and leaders of second wave feminism there is much to be thankful to her for. But because this blog focuses on the women of DC Comics, there is another reason to be thankful for her - she is instrumental in making Wonder Woman have a resurgence in popularity in the 70s by putting together a book containing her early strips and, of course, putting her on the first cover of Ms. Magazine.


She also pushed DC to undo the “New” mod Wonder Woman of the 70s and give Wonder Woman back her powers.

Steinem said about Wonder Woman:

“Looking back now at these Wonder Woman stories from the forties, I am amazed by the strength of their feminist message. Wonder Woman symbolizes many of the values of the women’s culture that feminists are now trying to introduce into the mainstream.”

While Wonder Woman has appeared on Gloria Steinem’s magazine several times in addition to the one above, Gloria has only appeared along with Wonder Woman once in Darwyn Cooke’s The New Frontier Special (with art by J. Bone where Wonder Woman and Canary break up a Playboy club.


And there at, literally, the end is a bunny who resembles Gloria Steinem who famously went undercover as a Bunny for an Esquire article.

Happy Birthday, Gloria. 


And thank you.

Mar 25 '14

sexinentertainmentforevermore asked:

Cept for the fact that that effect is fucking bullshit and false, we can love and adore a characters character and personality when there is a story being told, and we can still love those things when a story is not being told and its just a beautiful cover displaying her visual beauty & sexuality. out of almost 50 titles in the June solcitis, there is 1 cover that has any amount of sexuality on it, are you seriously saying a SINGLE cover in a entire months worth of comics is to much?Fuckyou.

Wow. Your compelling argument and use of language have completely turned me around. thanks.

Mar 24 '14

Here’s Your Gotham Alfred

Fox has released another character image for its Gotham show and this time it is Bruce’s butler, Alfred as played by Sean Pertwee.

What do you think?