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Sep 14 '11

Today’s New 52, “give this one a try, too” pick

This week we see the first issues of Batman and Robin, Green Lantern and Batwoman all of which are high profile. While you are picking up those books, why not give one who is not quite as high profile a try? My pick this week is:

Demon Knights by Paul Cornell.

I was a huge fan of Cornell’s run on Action and Knight and Squire. And I long ago put him on a short list of DC writers who do well with female characters. Cornell describes the series as "Swords and sorcery and superheroes.

I’m also giving this a try because of this report by Kyrax, the Batgirl of SDCC, after she questioned DC about female characters:

On the other hand, Paul Cornell came directly to where I was sitting as soon as the New 52 panel ended and said, “I heard what you said, and I’d like to take a minute to try to sell to you directly.” He told me that his new swords and sorcery comic, Demon Knights, would have a majority female cast and that he was committed to keeping it that way.


Give Demon Knights a try.

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    Forever stanning Paul Cornell.
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    Demon Knights was perfection on so many levels, i really better last for a good long while
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    My LCS didn’t have it, so…next week!
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    My only probably with Demon Knights is that it felt jumpy and rushed, trying to get all the characters introduced in the...
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    Ooooo. This is interesting! Might pick this one up. ^_^
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    I actually got it because of her and I admit I’m looking forward to it.
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  10. justmysketches said: So he’s the writer who talked with her ^_^ This is so tempting I might just pick it up!
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    I actually already had this on my pull. Thank god for a semi-thumbs up? /bounces
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