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Sep 19 '11

Cover and Solict for Voodoo #4

Or as I’ve been calling it …. Boobsdoo.

Why do I even bother?

Written by RON MARZ
On sale DECEMBER 28 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US RATED T+
The mysterious Voodoo has left destruction in her wake since fleeing New Orleans. Her nemesis Special Agent Fallon remains hot on her trail as she heads for Metropolis…and Fallon isn’t the only one, as a new, third player enters the hunt.

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    Damn, that is some fucking great cover art.
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  7. brentkeane said: I posted that to Ci4tW just now and decided to let the cover speak for itself; it’s obvious which market DC’s going for with this title. Great design as far as the cover goes, but…yeah.
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    ^Omg awesome cover O_o
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  12. seanaf said: Holding out hope for the interiors because of Basri!
  13. dillydallydilettante said: Lol, boobsdoo. That made me chortle.
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    #BOOBS! And here we have...candidate for Worlds Most Enduring Bra award…
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    On the plus side, I’m pleased to see that chunky bra strap. As a girl with big bazongaz, these babies don’t stay up by...
  16. thesylverlining said: Jeezus - a boob-displaying woman complete with the mouth-half-open sexual gaze, SHOT THROUGH WITH BULLET HOLES. There’s nothing about this that ISN’T an unfortunate implication of dehumanization and violence.
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  18. leaguerulesfrownupon said: Wow. Those are Liefeld-bad
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