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Sep 2 '10

What? Cameron Stewart pitched a Zatanna online comic?

Can you see my head shaking? No, well it is. I just saw Cameron Stewart mention on his blog that he did a pitch to Zuda for a digital Zatanna comic.

I and a handful of other webcomics creators were approached and given free reign to come up with a short pitch featuring whatever DC character we wanted, continuity-free. After a lot of thought I settled on Zatanna, in a kind of Buffy/Twilight-style story aimed at teen girls.

First the Ben Caldwell Wonder Woman pitch and then this. It makes me so sad to hear that another attempt to reach out young female readers got kicked to the side lines.

Here’s a peek:

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    This is why I will become rich and famous, because DC doesn’t know how to market themselves, in fact seemingly goes...
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    I would read this. It’s a shame it wasn’t picked up.
  5. skalja said: That looks like it would have been so fun!
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    It irked me a bit because clearly, its an attempt to cash in on a fad of storyline thats in NOW rather then take a...
  7. idratherbeloislane said: I was sort of iffy on the Wonder Woman pitch, but this looks like serious fun. :(
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