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Sep 23 '11

The page for Red Hood and the Outlaws that was too much

This is what the original page 10 of the comic looked like per the colorist

The original version of Starfire from Red Hood & The Outlaws #1 page 10. They originally wanted a semi-transparent bikini.

Also that final page of Catwoman? I’ve had a few people tell me the first version was far worse.

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    [insert a long, sad sigh]
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    That looks like something from a cheesy spanish calendar.
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    Read More She might as well be naked…
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    For fuck’s sake.
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    Dammit, DC
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    This is disgusting. I think the only thing I’m more sickened by are the positive responses they’ve gotten on the dA page...
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    this actually makes me feel sick.
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    This is unbelievable. It just KEEPS getting worse!
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    I can agree with that.
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    I… just… WTF DC!?
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    The new DC.. looks a lot like the old DC in the way it treats women.
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  23. arschultz said: I completely agree. The issue was ridiculous because of this.
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