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Sep 6 '10

Sign the petition if you’d like to see DC celebrate its female characters for its 75th anniversary

Go and sign this petition. To recap, below is DC Comics’ logo for it’s 75th anniversary. It has eliminated Wonder Woman, usually part of the all corporate images as one of the Trinity, and added Flash and Green Lantern. The petition asks for a version of the logo featuring female DC characters. Because, damn it, they should.

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    I appreciate that under Geoff Johns Lantern and Flash are becoming bigger properties than they used to be (well, Flash...
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    Go and sign this petition. To recap, below is DC Comics’ logo for it’s 75th anniversary. It has eliminated Wonder Woman,...
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    Heart’s in the right place, but online petitions don’t work. We need to write LETTERS.
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    Apparently the Justice League has decided to enforce the “No Girls Allowed Policy” in an effort to battle the evil...
  20. time-traveling-waitress said: Signed! I’m also pissed that all the Silly Bands I saw at the store were Batman, Superman, and a “all of DC” with Batman, Superman, Flash and Green Lantern. “No Gurlz Allowed!” apparently.
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