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DC Women Kicking Ass

Thoughts, pictures, reviews and other stuff about the women in comics who kick ass. This is a feminist site. Deal with it.
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Oct 9 '11

Huntress #1 kicks ass

Literally. I think Helena throws a kick at least 5 times. Writer Paul Levitz delivers an agreeable, sturdy first issue. For long time readers he “gets” Helena’s voice and for both new and old readers pens a heroine who is confident, smart, and totally in control. The plot has Helena out of Gotham and back in Italy. There a search for gun turns into a bigger mission - investigating human trafficking.

My one nit is that the plot is similar to the one where she teamed up with Renee Montoya in the Question back-up. I’m willing to overlook that for Marcus To’s art which is a delight and the real star of the book. He gives us a Helena who is strong and sexy but never objectified. Want proof? Take a look at this panel where Helena takes down a bad guy in her negligee.

A smart and cool heroine, eye candy art that avoids the cheesecake and a story which, if a bit of a retread, has enough plot points to potentially offer up some twists? Sign me up for issue 2.

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    accuracy! Absolutely...title worth looking
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    I’ve never had a pull list, but I think I will have one now. And Huntress is the first one to go on it!
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    I absolutely love this book and I love her. Helena is amazing. Go buy this book!
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  12. chr1sgraves said: some serious muscle in that kick!
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