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Oct 10 '11

DC Comics changes Wonder Woman’s origin to include father

During the lead up to the relaunch of Wonder Woman, there were suggestions that the Wonder Woman origin might be revised and the story of her a fatherless child being formed out of clay by Hippolyta  and brought to life by the Gods would be tossed. And it has been. DC announced this morning that Wonder Woman has a dad and his name is Zeus.

According to the NY Post:

“She’s going to learn she’s not who she was told she was,” “Wonder Woman” writer Brian Azzarello told The Post.

A story in the amazing Amazon’s newly relaunched comic will reveal she’s actually the daughter of Zeus, the thunderbolt-throwing father of Olympian gods.

She won’t discover her true origins until “Wonder Woman” No. 3, which goes on sale next month.

The origin of Wonder Woman was developed by Wonder Woman’s creator William Marston.

The origin was a key part of the character and recounted many times in comics.

Gail Simone’s first arc when writing the series included another look at the origin, The Circle, which examined the impact the “birth” of Diana had on the childless Amazons.

I’ll be back with some thoughts later.

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    This makes me a little sad, because her origin story reminds me of Gaea, who used parthenogenesis to create her first...
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    boooooooo bring back Wonder Woman’s two mommies booooooooooooooooooooo
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    She’s never had a father figure. Having a father is not the same thing as having a father FIGURE, so yeah the change is...
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    Wonder Woman, warrior princess of the Amazons, daughter of the Queen of an immortal race of super women that have no...
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    Whywhywhy… fucking DC
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    great. this certainly screws any plans for my WW screenplay…
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    Ugh, no, they’re changing from having been formed out of clay and brought to life by the gods to having a dad? NO. Do...
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    nothing to add, they say it all
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    the moment when you’ve always loved dc and wonder woman because she was amazingly independent and such a positive role...
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    Fucking Fuck!! What...FUCK DC?! I love Diana for so many reasons!! I grew
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    Yeah, I’m failing to see why this was a necessary change at all. I liked that Hippolyta created Diana herself,...
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    ^ ( I mean, there are a handful of things I like about the reboot - Huntress and Cliff Chiang’s WW art if not this turn...
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    You have got to be kidding me. Really?
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    I dislike so much about the new52. I dislike how all of the characters’ relationships with other female characters have...
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