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Oct 13 '11

Scott Lobdell LOLs at your Starfire “teeth gnashing”

From an interview with the blog "Red Hood Den" which has exactly one post, an exclusive interview with Scott Lobdell about Red Hood.

Mike: Obviously the big talk for this month has been the stuff with Starfire. Can you tell us a bit about who she is to you, maybe even who she’s become to you now in light of the uproar over her characterization?

Scott: Who she is is pretty much who she is in the first issue. She is an alien who doesn’t see the world the same way we do. Shocking! LOL!
Okay, maybe not so shocking.. considering that even on Earth there are many different ways to see the world around us. Heck, people have actually gone to war with each other over their interpretations over who God loves more. I’ve been to the Middle East where there were three doors to be seen in the entire town, and I’ve lived in doorman buildings along Central Park — and trust me when I say that the people who live in each have very different outlooks on things like community and possessions and family.

She is a princess from another world who spent years as a slave in some of the harshest death camps in the universe. To think that we have any idea how her unique world view has been forged by these experiences feels otherworldly to me.

And while I know this is going to make some people angry, the constant wailing and gashing of teeth and tearing of clothing and the shouts of “Unclean! Unclean!” that have made their way across the internet have not altered the pending storyline at all.

How could it? Imagine you are watching a movie and some people in the audience start shouting at the screen… so one character on the screen starts doing what the audience tells her to do. Then another group starts shouting, no, she should do this instead! It would be chaos! LOL!

The story that was pitched is the story that is being written and we’ll see how people feel about it when the story is read in its entirety.


I won’t be reading the story in its entirety because of the awful writing and handling of gender.


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    I don’t think people so much expected that the story wouldn’t go on as you decided, Scott, as they expected you to...
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    Remember when I was really excited about Red Hood and the Outlaws and trusted Lobdell with Kory’s, Jason’s and Roy’s...
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    Wow. Awesome. And by awesome, I mean… not awesome.
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    So basically.. we mortals can’t understand her, so therefore you can be lazy and not write an interesting character? I...
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    I don’t have words big enough to express my anger.
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    It just seems to me that if it was one thing or even a couple, then it might just be a step backwards. But this is an...
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  22. quantumdancer said: Yeah, because in an age where companies actually have blogs it pays to ignore public opinion.”This was the story that was pitched”!! Did you hear that guys?? This was the story that the MEN with the BIG BUCKS liked,so shut up, LOL.
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    Do you know how they handled that in the original New Teen Titans comics? Well they had her and Raven just TALKING for 2...
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    This guy needs to pull a giant lego dick out of his ass, then step on all the pieces in the middle of the night while...
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    #fuck you scott lobdell LOL
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    Same. I’ll give it a three-issue try out and if I don’t like it, I’ll drop it.
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    This is probably going to end up all over my dash and tracked tags, so I’m going to just go ahead and give one last...
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