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Oct 14 '11

The Dark King: Eaglemoss offers new Batman chess set collection

Eaglemoss the creator of the incredibly detailed lead figures of both DC and Marvel characters has announced its newest offering. The Batman Chess Set will issue chess pieces - both Black and White - featuring members of the Batfamily and the Bat-Rogues. Each piece comes with a magazine on the character and the game.

The first set features Batman, Damian, Commissioner Gordon, Two-Face and the Joker as seen below:

Here is a closer look at Batman, which is made of resin:

The next set will include Catwoman, Red Hood and Hush. Here’s the White line-up:

  • White King - Batman
  • White Queen - Catwoman
  • White Rook - Batwoman
  • White Rook - Huntress
  • White Bishop - Damian
  • White Bishop - Nightwing
  • White Knight - Red Robin
  • White Knight - Batgirl
  • White Pawn - Oracle
  • White Pawn - Alfred Pennyworth
  • White Pawn - Katana
  • White Pawn - Black Canary
  • White Pawn - Azrael
  • White Pawn - The Question
  • White Pawn - Bat-Mite
  • White Pawn - Commissioner Gordon

Now that’s an exciting list. But I wonder if Batgirl is Cass Cain or Stephanie Brown. But really why not both? Seems a shame to have Bat-Mite in there and not one of them.

The Black pieces, as you probably guessed, are the villains:

  • Black King - Joker
  • Black Queen - Harley Quinn
  • Black Rook - Killer Croc
  • Black Rook -Man Bat
  • Black Bishop - Ras al Ghul
  • Black Bishop - Riddler
  • Black Knight - Two-Face
  • Black Knight - Penguin
  • Black Pawn - Poison Ivy
  • Black Pawn -Ventriloquist
  • Black Pawn - Bane
  • Black Pawn - Scarecrow
  • Black Pawn - Mr. Freeze
  • Black Pawn - Black Mask
  • Black Pawn - Hush
  • Black Pawn - Red Hood

You can find out more including ordering information here.

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