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Oct 14 '11

A look at DC’s Batman Panel at NYCC

Those are some very talented male creators.

But wait isn’t Amy Reeder one of the show’s invited guests? Isn’t she, like Chris Burnham, on an upcoming Batbook? She said she was going to be on the panel on her blog two days ago.

Isn’t Batwoman one of the Bat books?

So where is she?


(photo via MTV Geek)

Update: I dropped a note to David Hyde of DC PR about why Reeder was not on the panel.

His response?

The panelist line-up was adjusted last week. We wanted to really focus on talking about the second and third issues of the series, with writers and artists talking through slides of the second and third issues.

We’re super excited for Amy to be on the next story arc of BATWOMAN.

I asked David why the artist from Batman, Inc. (which is upcoming) was on the panel and why DC was promoting Reeder’s appearance on Twitter the day of the panel.

I haven’t received a reply to those question as of yet.

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    Wow I really feel like I don’t want anything DC now because how its new respect on women. I mean seriously I am going...
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    DC you keep fucking up more it’s sad
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    Aaw that’s a shame, I love Amy :(
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    …God fucking damnit I am SICK of this HORSESHIT
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    WTF, DC.
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    Also: sausage-fest, y/y?
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    ^ this
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    Hey, DC
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    Yet another reason to just drop all support for DC right now.
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    hope you get a reply. They really need more diversity up...Hopefully, they’ll have that...
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    DC knows how to set the bar low. ;/
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    So this is what diversity looks like…
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    Oh hey, DC~! Truly yours, The future female comic artists
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    In terms of the content of the books, I’ve been treating them on a per book and per creative team level. So I didn’t buy...
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    What about the part where they apparently turned Starfire from a sexual but still heroic and worthwhile character into a...
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