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Sep 27 '10

Take this woman off ice: Grace Choi

In this series I am looking at characters who have been “put on ice” by DC — they are alive but without any book or storyline.

Who is she? Grace Choi is a 7 foot tall Asian-American who also part Amazon and has metahuman abilities. Grace has an abrasive personality and she doesn’t take crap from anyone. She does have a softer side although it isn’t seen as often. Grace was created by Judd Winick for his Outsiders title and she has primarily appeared in that book.

What are some of her greatest moments? Catching a plane. Teaming up with Wonder Woman to diffuse a bomb during Amazons Attack. Her friends with benefits relationship with Roy. And her love affair with Thunder.

When was she last seen? Grace made cameos in Secret Six #7 and Wonder Woman #600. The last book she appeared in regularly was Batman and the Outsiders where Grace and her girlfriend Anissa Pierce, known as Thunder, were both members. Grace left the team when Anissa was injured and fell into a coma.

Why should I care if she’s in comics? Grace is a delightful island in the increasingly large sea of blonde young female heroes at DC. She is Asian and she’s Queer and comics can always use more diversity. Her personality is as big as she is — she swears, she fights back, she flirts. She is prickly. Unique is a rather overused word, but Grace is unique.

What books would be better with her? Grace is part-Amazon (Bana actually, like Artemis) so an appearance in Wonder Woman would make sense once the timeline issues are settled. Grace offers valuable strength and muscle to a team so the Birds of Prey could use her. Grace’s willingness to work for the cash also makes her a candidate for Secret Six. Or how about teaming her up with Roy once DC returns him to his senses? If it meant a place for Grace, Roy and Cass Cain, I’d welcome a new Outsiders.

Who should write her? Winick and Andreyko have been her primary writers (Dixon wrote her too, but that won’t be happening). I’d like to see Fabian Nicieza write her as well.

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