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Nov 11 '11

My 12 Comic Birthday Wishes

Today is my birthday and I am repeating my rip-off of something my friend Kelly Thompson did a few years ago and making my comic wishes. Last year I made 13 wishes and I think that number cursed me as I definitely did not wish for some of the things that happened during the past year. I’ll leave you to guess which those were. To play it safe this year, I am limiting myself to 12.

But while I got some things I didn’t wish for, I did get a few of my wishes. For example, I asked for some good Bat/Cat from Grant Morrison and I got the first issue Batman, Inc.  (But then I got the first issue of Catwoman. See it was that number 13.) There are a few others too. Let’s assume that if it didn’t come true last year, I am still wishing for it.

So here are 12 wishes for this year:

1. A trade collection of Gotham Knights. Self-enclosed Batfamily stories that feature a less grim and grimmer Bruce - what’s not to like? I have the entire run but I would prefer to have a set of trades on my shelf. When people ask why I want Devin Grayson to write for DC again, this series is what I point to. Why DC never traded it when they seem to trade everything else, I have no idea.

2. A book with Cass Cain and/or Stephanie Brown. We’ve been told they’ll be showing up - Brown will be in an upcoming issue of Batman, Inc. and according to Morrison, Cain will be showing up there as well. But is that it? Why does every DC creator I speak to tell me how much they love the characters and would love to be writing them not end up writing them or including in their books? Why do we have books like OMAC and no book with either of these characters?

3. A Justice League movie. Okay, hear me out. In order for me to get my wish for a Wonder Woman movie, I believe the character will first have to appear in a team movie. A successful team movie. I had hoped that would be jump started by Green Lantern but clearly that strategy needs refinement. So really what I am wishing for is that Warner Bros. can figure out how to build a successful movie franchise outside of Nolan’s Batman and give Marvel Avengers some competition.

4. DC has made great strides on the digital front as far as distribution but I wish they would offer more original content such as the recent Arkham City digital only offering. I’d love to see some out of continuity comics featuring characters like Barda and Scott Free and, yes, Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown, once a week $.99 a pop. It’s well within the realm of reality, because they already have done some spec work for it.

5. More female creators and less stupid ass debate about it (I am not going to even link to an example, just know it’s continuous).  I am thrilled to see Ann Nocenti join DC on Green Arrow. But I still wish for some new faces at DC as well. Marvel seems to have found some great female writers and artists, I’d wish DC would keep trying to make their bench of new talent deeper too.

6. Some standards on how to draw women in big two comics. I don’t want to cramp anyone’s style but how about just one little rule? “Smaller than a cantaloupe unless it is Powergirl”. There, that’s not painful.

7. A Lois Lane action figure that isn’t from All-Star Superman or the Silver Age. And while I adore Amy Adams and look forward to seeing her as Lois Lane, I want the figure to have the traditional dark hair not red hair.

8. Commissions of Barbara Gordon as Oracle by Butch Guice, Francesco Francovilla and Marcus To. I got my Adam Hughes’ commission of Oracle last year so that’s another wish that came true. But then … see what I mean about the number 13?

9. More great non-big two female centric books like Rachel Rising, Stumptown, and Buffy. My friend and co-host on “3 Chicks” Kelly sent me a Buffy trade as a birthday present so I feel compelled to add her.

10. ThatThe Dark Knight Rises is everything we hope it will be and that I get to see a preview of it. And that Anne Hathaway is kick-ass as Catwoman.

11. More kid friendly comics. I don’t know if any of you read the comics that came in the General Mills cereal boxes, but the one I read was perfect for the 8-12 and under crowd. It was fun and smart and featured versions of Batman and Aquaman I wouldn’t mind reading about on a regular basis. And the stories were self-contained. This type of book is what is missing from DC right now.

12. My final wish is really a thank you. I’m always amazed that anyone shows up each day to read this blog as I created it for very selfish purposes. I love comics and have passed along that love to my kids. My wish for comics is for kick ass female characters who can inspire little girls and not devalue women as well as a more diverse set characters that enable more than just little white kids to have heroes that look like them. Straight, white and male should not be the default for comics. The world is diverse. Comics should be too. That there are so many of you who listen and share this vision makes me think it isn’t a wish but an eventuality.

  1. evillordzog said: Happy birthday!
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  3. mellomangoes said: Happy birthday! :D
  4. lolololabilly said: I love & appreciate everything you have contributed, not only to the comics community, but to Tumblr as a whole. You’ve inspired me to embrace my inner comics lover, to regain faith in the DCU, & to rekindle my obsession with the Batverse. Thank YOU.
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    Happy birthday, Sue!!! I hope these come true, soon! :D. Love your blog and hope that there are many more fantastic and...
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    I hope all your wishes come true.
  8. silvanoir said: I echo 1, 3, 5, and 11. I haven;t been able to find any Gotham Knight issues and I’m dying for a JL live-action movie
  9. thtguythtdraws said: happy birthday, I hope your wishes come true, but no team movie will beat the Avengers :)
  10. literateknits said: Many happy returns of the day! I hop all of these wishes come true!
  11. springald-jack said: I endorse every one of these wishes!
  12. seanaf said: Happy birthday! I hope all these wishes come true :)
  13. retro-nouveau said: Happy birthday, Sue! I hope all your wishes come true, especially 2 & 3, and even though I have very little hope for 10. I collected all four General Mills books as of this week, I can go back to Total and Product 19 now. Sugar rush! XD
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    Thank you for everything that you do! Have a wonderful birthday!
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  18. thegeekmaster said: Happy birthday! I hope at least three of these come true.
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