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Nov 28 '11

Five Other Television Projects DC/WB Should Do

The pilot season for next fall is already underway and we’ve heard the second DC associated project float out into the Hollywood trades. I have to admit the idea of Booster Gold being developed into a TV series was a bit of a surprise. Not as big as the earlier news about Deadman, however.

With all the other interesting intellectual property just laying around at DC, it confounds me why we keep hearing about projects like this and last year’s Raven (which appears not to have gone anywhere). More importantly with Marvel having announced three live action television projects at SDCC and one of them, aka Jessica Jones, pretty far along in development, why doesn’t DC have more shows on the air?

Except for their Superman properties (Lois and Clark, Superboy, Smallville), since the 1980 DC and Warner Bros. live action television properties have consisted of Birds of Prey, Swamp Thing, The Flash, and last year’s Human Target. Of those only Swamp Thing lasted more than one season.

There have been attempts, of course, some that never made it to pilot stage such as The Graysons, some that had “test footage” such as Blue Beetle and others that did make it all the way to film such as Aquaman, Justice League and David E. Kelley’s combination of "STRONG FEMALE CHARACTERS" and the Wonder Woman*.

With all that in mind, here are a few projects that DC might want take a look developing in addition to Booster Gold and Deadman. And if you are wondering if they have kick ass female characters in them, why yes, yes they do.

1. Gotham City Law & Order - I’m not the first to suggest that Gotham Central be adapted to television and there appear to have been some actual attempts, but my suggestion is designed to expand the concept a little bit. Instead of just the police procedural, why not throw in some of their lawyers.

And by that I mean make Kate Spencer/Manhunter the DA who also does a little bit of vigilantism on the side.

2. Zatanna & Vixen. Why don’t these two get team-up more? Beyond the fact that they are incredibly powered female characters they also have occupations, stage performer and supermodel, that offer them the perfect cover for globetrotting crime fighting and general world saving. Clearly these cos-players see what the executives at DC Entertainment don’t!

And if WB wants to throw in Donna Troy as a globetrotting photojournalist go right ahead.

3. Ghost Detectives. When Ralph and Sue Dibney were alive they great fodder for a TV show, a detective with a nose for solving cases and his smart, rich wife. But then they were both killed. (And one thing seems clear from DC that no matter how many reboots or retractions of crisises, Sue and Ralph Dibney are dead, dead, dead). But Chuck Dixon had a great idea in the Outsiders, he turned them into ghost detectives. And that made them more than a retread of the husband and wife detective team, it made them husband and wife detective team that no one could see, much like the classic television series from many, many year ago Topper. And if the desire for a Boston Brand TV show is so strong, throw him into this show.

4. Power Girl. This one is easy. Take the basic outline of Kelley’s Wonder Woman, give the script to Palmiotti and Gray, add a bit of Desperate Housewives black humor and you have a show where a female superhero talking about the size of her tits and running a company makes sense.

5. The Huntress. While I’ve lamented the decision of the Birds of Prey TV show to go with the pre-Crisis Helena Wayne character, but there is one positive to that decision. It means the post-Crisis Huntress is fresh fodder. She’s a Mafia Princess out of revenge and lives a dual life - school teacher by day and street-level vigilante by night. She doesn’t have to be located in Gotham City, her back story could be in any big East Coast City. And I’d be happy to see her with either one of the Questions as a partner - Vic Sage as shown in the cosplay here or, even better, Renee Montoya. (If she isn’t too busy on the first show on my list).

That’s just five of my ideas. What would DC characters would you like to see in a TV show?

* And can you imagine having that Kelley show on now with the what Azzarello/Chiang are doing in comics? Talk about total lack of symmetry.

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    I don’t know if live action would be ideal since Scarab’s abilities might be hard to transfer but I’ll admit that I’m...
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    Great, now I need a Gotham City cop show. I mean, it would be so wonderful! DC, why won’t you grant my wish! (Also can...
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    I think the first Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle series would make an amazing half-hour, all-ages animated show. I’d prefer it...
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    They would all be appointment-TV for me.
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    A Gotham Central series would be so awesome!
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    add Peter David’s Supergirl...there, too. Heck,...Gail...
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  12. memnochzero said: I’d love for a Hellblazer tv series to get made.
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    Some excellent ideas here. I would totally watch Gotham City Law and Order or The Huntress. I am a bit iffy about...
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    I totally agree with a Power Girl show, especially with Palmiotti and Grey behind it it would be awesome :D
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    Maybe they should try mini-series or made-for-tv (web?) movies. DC has turned out some great limited story arcs with...
  16. stateofdissolution said: After reading the full article, I felt that there are other characters that, if handled properly could make amazing shows. One example would be a crime-drama with the Red Hood/Jason Todd as the brooding anti-hero.
  17. therearecertainshadesoflimelight said: I would live a Gotham law and order show. God that would be awesome.
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    Gotham Central Law and Order…YES PLEASE.
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    I agree with these, but also Batwoman DC should do a Batwoman TV series, adapted straight from the wonderful comic books...
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