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Dec 1 '11

Diesel offers DC Comics superhero underwear

Perhaps you are looking for some comic themed holiday gifts. Perhaps you are looking for new underwear. Perhaps you just want to look at men in underwear. Or perhaps you are looking for a small detail to liven up your fan fiction.

No matter which one it is Diesel has the thing for you. Several things actually. Introducing the Diesel DC Comics superhero underwear collection:

Now that the first thing I noticed, well maybe the fifth, was that Superman is not in this superhero underwear line, but the Joker is. When did the Joker become a superhero? And more importantly, why no Superman? Perhaps they thought of the old joke about him wearing his underpants as his costume? Don’t know, but on to the underwear.

First up is the Dark Knight design. They have several poses showcasing the product but I am going to go with the "Nicola Scott NightWing" pose:

I was a little disappointed in these. I would have hoped for more Bat and less Kevlar. In fact, all the other pairs have a silkscreen of the character on them. But not Batman. His just has Kevlar. Because he is Batman. I’m sure this is what he wears underneath his costume when he goes to visit Selina. If he’s wearing anything …

Next up is the Flash. I’m not sure why you would want to wear underwear that begs a joke about being fast, but whatever (I couldn’t help but think of the "Birds of Prey" song from Batman:Brave and the Bold while looking at this pair).

And now proof you can’t have Barry without Hal! I was disappointed in these as I would have thought they would have had more of the ring but the symbol appears on the back. There is a very faint silkscreen of Hal with his fist in the air on the side though. Really the character who needs these is Guy. We’ve seen a lot of his underwear in comics (and more) and what he’s worn is not that attractive.

And finally the most puzzling, the Joker. I can understand the desire of a Flash fan to overlook the potential jokes to wear the Flash pair, but why would anyone want to wear the Joker? You can see his silkscreen face on the right side of the underwear.

I think my favorite is Batman. It looks like what Batman would wear. But not Bruce Wayne, we know he wears white cloth boxers.

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