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Dec 15 '11

What got changed in Batwoman #2 due to Flashpoint

J.H. Williams III recently posted some of his original art for the second issue of Batwoman along with a caveat that:

you’ll notice that some pages will have slight differences on the original art versus what was printed, due to editorial changes that needed to be done after Flashpoint and the launch of the New 52.

When Kelly and I interviewed J.H. Williams for the “3 Chicks” podcast he spoke about the need to make changes to align with the rest of the Bat-Universe:

When we found the whole new DC 52 happened we had already some changes to one of the issues with what was going on with Batman, Inc. but at that time when we did that there was no word to us about the change over with the new 52 stuff happening so when that came about we had to make changes all over again and that was a bit frustrating and ultimately was all due to that we have to work so far in advance because as everyone knows I’m not the fastest artist in the world.

Williams said that as a result the creative team decided to make their continuity into the rest of the Batverse more “aloof.”

So what changed in issue 2? A comparison of the original art and the published versions shows minor but interesting changes.

In the published version of Batwoman #2, Kate Kane has a meeting with Batman where he speaks with her about her joining Batman Inc.

Now note the the last panel

Here’s the original art work

Here’s the last panel of the original. Note this version has a smile on Kate’s face as Batman heads off. The published version has a melancholy feel to it while the original Kate seems more upbeat. I wonder what prompted that change?

The other changes, unsurprisingly have to do with the splash page with the other members of Batman, Inc. Below is the original page


The Flashpoint changes are easy to spot, they have the grayed out characters that have lighting around them — Dick Grayson as Batman, Tim Drake in his old Red Robin outfit, Azrael and Zinda Blake. The change from Stephanie Brown to Barbara Gordon was an easy coloring change.


One other thing that was added to the book after the original pages were created is the history of Kate Kane in lower left hand corner. The blurb, which was driven by editorial, was written by Williams and Blackman. Williams, however, said when they found out that it was going to added he had wished they’d been able to make it part of the design and make it work with the narrative and design. He noted that it will be in issue 5.

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