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Dec 29 '11

David Kelley must have really liked that Wonder Woman outfit

Erica Durance guest stars on Kelley’s “Harry’s Law” as a woman who “believes” she’s Wonder Woman. Well, Kelley’s version of Wonder Woman because she’s not wearing the classic bathing suit she’s wearing the costume designed (redesigned actually) for the NBC’s failed pilot.

You remember seeing this a lot last Spring on Adrianne Palicki

TV Guide has an interview with Durance about taking on the role of another first lady of DC after her run as Lois Lane in Smallville. About the costume she says:

Lasso of truth time: Best part of wearing the costume and the worst part of wearing the costume.
The best part is the corset, believe it or not, because it gives you a tiny little waist, making you sit up really straight. I would say the most uncomfortable part is tight, stretchy pants because, well, you know what you feel like when you’re wearing tight, stretchy pants. You just have to be careful everything is appropriate.

But would you have wanted the underwear version of the costume though?
[Laughs] I’m very grateful for the pants. I know that people were very excited about the underwear and seeing them. To be quite frank, I don’t know if I could’ve done the underwear justice at this point in time and it might have been more upsetting for people to see me in them than to not, so I think the pants are a safe bet for me.

Oh I don’t know Erica. You rocked this non-pants version of Wonder Woman

  1. lavampiremerveilleuse said: I love how corsets make me look… but if I was a superheroine I think I would chose the least restrictive oufit posible…
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  5. jadinerhine said: Erica looks a WHOLE lot better in that costume, despite my misgivings about it. Both versions <3
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