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Nov 11 '10

My 13 Comic Birthday Wishes

It’s my birthday and I am exercising my birthday rights by blatantly stealing this idea from Kelly Thompson who did it for her birthday. So here are my Comic-related birthday wishes.

1. A Batgirl: Year One DVD.  I don’t even care if you call it Batman: The story of Batgirl (Well, I will mind, but for this I’ll suck it up.) But despite their top animated director pitching it and a petition, it doesn’t look promising. I’ll be here sitting in my Batgirl t-shirt and watch my Batgirl stop motion comic. Oh and while you’re at it? Put the trade back into print. Copies are going at above list price on Amazon and eBay. There’s a demand.

2. Ostander’s Suicide Squad in trade format. Why? Why hasn’t DC put this in trades? They’ve solicited twice but it still remains only available in back issues. The series that introduced Oracle? Amanda Waller pushing everyone’s buttons? Bronze Tiger? Deadshot? Rick Flag? Come on DC, this is the best book you’re not trading.

3. A Wonder Woman TV show or movie (not that kind of movie). Remember all that talk about a Wonder Woman TV show? Funny thing. The only people not talking about it was DC. Since the news broke last month not one word about the project has been uttered by Warner Brothers or DC. And I’m adding this in after yesterday: that DC works triply hard to make Wonder Woman work given JMS’ move.

4. A Lois Lane Mini by Gail Simone and Ethan Van Sciver. I’ve been requesting a Lois mini since I started this blog. And I think this might be happening even though I was told “no” by Ian Sattler when I asked about it NYCC. Come on DC, give Lois as much love as you heaped on Jimmy Olsen.

5. A new Oracle Action Figure. She’s the 2010 Most Kick Ass DC Woman ™ and she’s only had one action figure. There’s lots of prototypes, please DC make this happen.

6. A Cassandra Cain book. Someone on Twitter had the great idea to make Cass one of the Batmen in Batman, Inc. The more I think about this the more I love it. Launch her in the main title and then move her into another book. And have Gail Simone or Jen Van Meter write, ‘kay? And for the several of you who asked what I thought of Red Robin yesterday here it is: I was happy to see her, wish she’d give Scandal Savage back her costume but, honestly, it felt like a bone tossed to fans.

7. A Mini-series of No Man’s Land. The more I read this arc, the more I love it. And from a DC women kicking ass perspective there is no Batman series as good. Babs, Helena, Cass, Sarah Essen, Leslie Thompkins are all awesome. Batman, on the other hand, has never been such a lame ass not even showing up to play until the middle of the story. Here is an fan-made audio version based on Rucka’s novelization that’s not bad. If you haven’t read the novelization go find it. It’s narrated by Oracle.

8. More Queen and Country and Stumptown comics (with art by Matt Southworth). This is the only way I can get Rucka writing strong women. And both titles are awesome.

9. Some good Bat/Cat. Follow the Money was not it. And now I am in a position where I am counting on Grant Morrison, who hasn’t written a non-crazy female character outside of Batwoman for 16 issues of Batman and Robin. Come on, Grant make me happy.

10. This Batgirl statue, a beta code for DCU online and commissions of Oracle from Butch Guice, Amanda Conner and Adam Hughes. (I know that’s five in one and cheating, but it’s my birthday.)

11. A digital strategy from DC comics that lets me buy and read back issues and collections for an “all I can eat” price and buy new comics on day of issue for a price of minimum of 2/3 of the current floppy price (with a discount for a year long subscription). The opening of the DC Digital Store was nice but the pricing still needs tweaking. Why would someone pay $1.99 for one issue of a comic when they can pick up the trade or a back issue at a less expensive price? I’ll also take an iPad to read them on.

12. More PoC and LGBQT characters in my DC comics and and more female creators working on my DC comics. And the return of Wonder Woman on all DC Logos and in marketing campaigns. She’s a worldwide brand, Barry Allen is not.

13. And finally, more readers as wonderful as the ones I have. Really, you are all a gift. Thanks for all your comments, Tweets, notes of support, links, mentions, etc. I am continuously surprised that anyone shows up and read this thing every day and I thank you.

  1. thehappysorceress reblogged this from dcwomenkickingass and added:
    First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I support your birthday wishes. They are good wishes. Sensible to all...
  2. kneelbeforedodd said: Re: # 8, I was recently at Rucka’s book signing in Houston for the new Queen & Country novel and he said he has plans for more Stumptown to be released next year. Just waiting for everything to be complete before soliciting. So, yay!
  3. notallgirlsarenoobs said: Yes, yes, yes, yes!!! Really couldn’t agree more with some of these, particularly number 1, 4, 5, 6, 9, and 11. Happy birthday!!!
  4. fullofwhoa said: Love your list. ALSO HAPPY BIRTHDAY! <3
  5. thats-what-sidhe-said reblogged this from dcwomenkickingass and added:
    I want Cassandra Cain to be one of the Batmen so much. I remember a scene where Babs and Cass talked and Babs told her...
  6. seanaf said: Happy birthday!! I sincerely hope your wishes come true :)
  7. huntresstheitalianmafiaprincess said: Happy Birthday!
  8. sailorscooby said: Number 12 seriously made me smile. I agree full heartedly.
  9. gwenfrankenstien said: Re: Suicide Squad: It was originally announced in Showcase form, and once they saw how high demand was they thought they could make more money off it so they decided to do HCs/full colour TPBs instead. Same thing happened with JLI, iirc.
  10. dcwomenkickingass posted this
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