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Jan 24 '12

Okay, who has the Robin fetish at DC Comics?

From the usually reliable folks at Bleeding Cool comes news of a book which seems to ready made for for me to rage and mock about at the same time. If it is true. Which it probably is.

I understand, from a well placed source, that the current tittle tattle around the Batbooks is that Jeff Lemire will write a new series entitled The Robins, starring Damien, Jason, Tim and Dick.

No word on Stephanie Brown. Of course.

All the Robins. Who are boys, I’m sure.

If this is true, I’m sure they are working on a book with all the Batgirls, too.

Sometimes I crack myself up.

Here’s a look at what the book could look like:

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    OH COME ON! Take freaking Damien out and put Stephanie in! She’s my favorite Robin even if it was only for like.. what?...
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    I’m not a fan of Stephanie Brown, but she was a Robin. It’s a fact not an opinion, how can you try to deny that?
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    OK. First, I love Stephanie Brown. I do. I’ve loved her since her first appearance. I’ve rooted for, or ‘shipped,’ her...
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