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Nov 26 '10

"Young Justice" premiere is very light on females

I just watched the one hour “Young Justice” special and was very sad to see how much females were not a part of this one hour show.

I know the show loosely follows the comic by having the boys come before the girls, but I don’t know if this was the best choice. First the stats:

  • The heroes were all male
  • Wonder Woman and Black Canary appear at the end with no lines.
  • Just one of the villains is female (in fact she is the only female who is on screen for a more than a split second besides Miss Martian.)
  • Miss Martian is introduced at the end and the “boys” are told she is joining the team. The proceed to peacock in front of her positioning her not as a peer but as potential romantic interest.

During the broadcast I was on Twitter. Here’s the most significant tweet:

@magnetgirl Anika

  @mizzelle @dcwomenkicknass My daughter just asked: are there any girls in this show?

The network clearly hopes for a female audience, there was an advertisement for a girls “Tangled” bike (which comes with hair accessories).

Young Justice has the potential to become an entertaining worthy successor to JLU. The action sequences were well done but the dialogue was a bit over the top in places. The declarations such as “I choose freedom” and “Today is the day” need to reduced. My final judgment on the show, however, will rest on how inclusive the next episode is.

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