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Mar 10 '12

Amy Reeder addresses move off of Batwoman

Amy Reeder today posted on her blog about her leaving Batwoman. Yesterday DC announced that Trevor McCarthy would be “guesting” as artist on issues 9-11 issues that had previously been announced as being pencilled (and in the case of #9 solicted) by Reeder. 

Reeder had been attached to the title since it was announced by DC Comics 22 months ago on April 10, 2010.

Reeder had pencilled issue 0 of the book in November of 2010 and had seen her arc roll out as the book was delayed from a February 2011 launch to September as part of the new 52. She finally started her arc last month and I spoke to her about the start of her arc after such a long delay:

Amy, it’s been almost two years since you were announced as an artist for Batwoman can you believe your arc is finally here? It must have been so hard to see the stops and starts.

It was hard!  And yes, very strange that it’s coming out now. It was such a big deal to me and the wait I think has built it up in my mind even more. So I’m a little nervous and hope it’s well-received.

Today Reeder addressed her departure:

I’m sure there’s a lot of curiosity about what exactly happened, which is understandable.  But I can’t get too far into it—in addition to trying to be a professional and not burn bridges, it’s complicated enough that I find it difficult (and frustrating) to explain even to friends.

The jist of it, though, was that it was a bad situation, and kept getting worse and more intense until it became impossible.  I am a long-term project kinda girl and I was so excited about being on Batwoman…I didn’t want to let go of it and fought until it was over.

For those who speculated about deadlines as an issue Reeder addresses where she was in her arc:

I should probably mention that despite the fact Batwoman was a struggle, I am very proud of what I did on the book and put a lot of love into it.  Issue 7 comes out this Wednesday and it’s even better than 6; I have Rob Hunter and Guy Major to thank for that!  Issue 8 is almost done and it’s looking to be a repeat of awesomeness.  I had done part of issue 9 but they aren’t going to use the pages.  It’s too bad; I was particularly excited about that issue.  I’ll probably post a page or two of the work once the issue comes out.

Reeder also states that “DC seems to want to make things right and find me work.” 

I certainly hope they do. Reeder’s work on Madame Xanadu and on the Batwoman 0 and 6 were strong and showed she was a worthy complement to Williams, who stands as one of the best comic artists working.

While waiting for Batwoman to begin Reeder also did wonderful work on covers for Supergirl. But Reeder’s gig on Supergirl covers ended early as well. Earlier this year Reeder said when posting a pin-up done for Teen Titan # 100 

I had done a Supergirl cover featuring some Teen Titans at one point (inked by Richard Friend, colored by Guy Major).  It was never used, unfortunately!

I wish I could say it was a fluke, but in fact, I drew four Supergirl covers in that year’s time that won’t ever be published.  There’s a lot of confusion dealing with the “why”s and I’m not sure I was supposed to know.  Eventually I just stepped down because I didn’t feel like there was anything else I could do.
Reeder in concluding today’s post asks comic readers for assistance:
And this brings me to the most important part of this post: If this all happens for me, I’ll be honest…I’ll need you more than ever.  To stay up to date, to spread the word, to…you know…read my comics!  If you like what you see, share it, to comics readers and newbies alike.  And not just for me—show support for any artists or writers you love.  This industry needs a shake up and I think it’s coming.  We all have a chance to shape that by caring
Why Reeder isn’t drawing Batwoman may never be known publicly. Williams addressed the issue on his blog, but never specifically mentions Reeder.
The important thing is that a great artist is available to do work. I can’t imagine there are many comic book writers who wouldn’t want to her have her art bring their story to life. I hope she is back to work very soon.
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    Batwoman was quite possibly my favorite book of the New 52 as far as visuals are concerned. Its a real shame that she’s...
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    I wish DC gave her a title, and to fill in on one number in Fables too T.T
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    I was looking forward to seeing Amy Reeder's work, too.
  9. mhassan1986 said: but what exactly was the reason that caused Amy Reeder’s departure?
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    I hope she gets more projects in. She’s a very talented artist, and I really hope more great things, for her, will come...
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    That is just too bad. I really like Amy Reeder.
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