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Mar 23 '12

So Lois Lane (remember her - used to be married to Superman on one Earth; dead on another?) got a shout out on 30 Rock last night. And because it is 30 Rock it made me laugh. But it also made me think of all the times I’ve heard that Lois Lane is just a supporting character to Superman. That she’s not an important part of the mythos. That she really can’t stand alone as a character.

And yet here is this TV show, a pretty smart TV show which probably starts off the week with a script that goes through edit after edit to get the best jokes, the best lines, the best ways of getting 3.4 Million television viewers to think, “Love it. Can’t miss it” and they devoted a line to Lois Lane. And the line? No reference to Superman. No damsel in distress snerkiness. No “she’s so stupid she can’t figure out who he is even though his disguise is glasses. No Kryponite jokes. No “Lois tricks Superman into marrying her”. No phone booth jokes.


Just a reference to Lois and her career.

If only others could see how she’s such a great character with the potential for great stories and not just as the driver of a Superman’s “emotional journey”. She’s one of the world’s best reporters. And that’s such a distinctive trait there’s a joke on national TV show about it.

Well, at least we have Superman Family Adventures:

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