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Mar 24 '12

Children’s books take on The Dark Knight Rises

There are still a few months away until The Dark Knight Rises hits the big screen but the movie tie-ins are starting to appear for pre-order. And while you might think that movie might be too, um dark, for little kids - there are books based on the movie that are just right. Interesting to note all these books are written by women.

This book lets ages 4 and up “Follow Batman as he fights crime using some very advanced gadgetry.” You can pre-order here.

More TDKR kids’ books (including a certain female character) under the cut for possible spoilerism.

Bane is the big villain this time and there are not one but two books featuring him.

The plot? Bane terrorizes Gotham City; that is, until Batman comes to the rescue. You can pre-order it here.

But what about Bane vs. Batman - will kids be able to see them fight? Of course!

Here young readers (age 4 and up again) will learn how “Batman battles Bane to free Gotham City from crime and destruction.” You can pre-order here.

And I know what you’re thinking. What about Catwoman? It does seem they will be adversaries for at least part of the movie. How do we know? Look at the title!

This book will focus on how “Batman must put an end to Catwoman’s robberies.” This can be pre-ordered here.

There are some other books available including sticker books and this:

The description says that you can “Learn about Gotham City inside and out of the Batcave.” Pre-order here.

All these books are available buy 3 get 4 right now.

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