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Apr 13 '12

Today Smallville Season 11 #1 comes out and here’s why you need to buy it

Today the first digital copy of Smallville Season 11 goes on sale.

Do me a favor - buy this.

It’s $.99 and you have never had a better opportunity to help shape the future of comics.

I know money is tight. But $.99? Look hard. Find four quarters, dig around the couch, look under the floor mats in your car. There.

Now go buy this at Comixology or the DC App today.

Don’t Torrent it.



You want more comics by this writer? BUY IT. You want to stories where Lois and Clark are still together? BUY IT. You want to show that there is a market for out of continuity comics? BUY IT. Female Smallville fans want to show your buying power potential for comics? BUY IT.

Here’s a preview.

(Source: USA Today)

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    that, plus it’s Bryan Q. Miller, writer...amazing Batgirl series. He deserves some...
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    ^THIS.^ BUY IT. EVERY FRIDAY. Do. It. For. Clois. Please.
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    Nuff Said
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  14. blrout said: I bought it and really enjoyed it. WELL worth 99 cents.
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    I MISS THIS ERA SO MUCH “Seriously, this book is pre-reboot/pre-WONK, the era of Greg Rucka/Gail Simone/Jeph Loeb/Joe...
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