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Apr 18 '12

Comics to buy this week, April 18

Here are the books I’ll be purchasing this week and some thoughts about them.

This week I’m starting with the non- big two.

Rachel Rising #7

This is one of the most consistently good titles I am reading. For those of you who have had trouble finding this in shops, it is now available on line the same day. The first trade is out if you want to start from the beginning.

B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth: The Long Death #3

Is their any red like a Dave Stewart red? The conclusion of this three part mini. Kelly and I reviewed the first issue on 3 Chicks.

Now on to the house of ideas

The Punisher #10

I’ve love Greg Rucka’s run on Punisher but this issue is part of a mini with two other books. Given that one of them is Spider-Man, Avenging Spider-man, I guess that’s a good thing as it might increase sales.

Wolverine and the X-Men #9

The big cross-over comes to this book. I’m not thrilled about it as I was not impressed by the first issue of AvX. I am hoping the issue manages to overcome whatever tie-initis it has been given.

And finally my picks for the hometeam and it is breaking my heart (if I even had a heart, AMIRITE?)

It’s the prelude to the big Batastic “Night of the Owls” event! So big it’s going to cost you an extra dollar to buy this issue than last month’s. I can’t blame DC, it’s one of the best selling books and it must make John Rood and Bob Wayne sad every month to see Marvel putting $3.99 on so many of their books and DC holding the line on so many. And they are adding more pages (in this case a back-up).

I have a lot of faith in Scott Snyder as he knows how to deliver a compelling Bat-book so they have my buck.

Birds of Prey #8

I wrote about this book yesterday.

And finally, for the kids, Young Justice #15

If you are watching the show, this book is very tightly coupled to it and is a good companion.

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