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Apr 18 '12

Chiang on Wonder Woman costume; an interesting bit about the reboot

Some interesting tidbits about Wonder Woman via Cliff Chiang from an interview about that “hellish” costume she is wearing in this month’s issue. When we interviewed Cliff Chiang on 3 Chicks back in September he talked about some of the design ideas he had come up with for Wonder Woman when he joined the book. One I was taken with was the idea of using the lasso to wrap up her hair.

Earlier this week when the preview came out of this week’s issue, I wondered if the outfit that Diana puts on to go to hell, was one of the original designs as it has the lasso in her hair.

Chiang spoke to Project Rooftop yesterday and confirmed that this look was his original design.

We knew we were going to push the warrior angle, and I wanted the armor to recall the classic Wonder Woman colors and design ideas. Her hair is tied up with gold rope, like her lasso.

He also said that “At the time, we were unaware of a line-wide relaunch.”

Now, that’s interesting. I wonder when they started on the book? JMS’ departure was announced in November 2010. Did they start earlier (which I doubt) or did DC really hold the reboot close that close to the vest for everyone? (Except JMS who said that he knew about it.)

It also makes me further wonder (hah) how the Johns’ storyline for Wonder Woman in Justice League will mesh with Azzarello’s vision for Wonder Woman as they seem to have been developed separately. It’s interesting that Wonder Woman is flirting with Steve Trevor in Justice League but there is no sign of him in Wonder Woman as of yet.

I’m sure he will. I can’t imagine that major beats in Wonder Woman’s personal life would take place outside her own book.

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