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Apr 20 '12

It’s Friday and that means it is Smallville Season 11 Day

It’s time for another digital edition of Smallville Season 11 and having just read it I can tell you if you are a Lois fan pick it up as she both reportery and flirtery.

Also cliffhanger!!!!!

Unfortunately there is no preview from DC. TVLine ran a preview and here I will show you a panel myself.

Remember it’s just $.99. Smallville Season 11 is available at Comixology and the DC app. 

Last week the first issue was the number one digital comic on Comixology. 

And thanks for all of you who stopped by to say you picked it up and, more importantly, liked it.

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    I like to keep it real lol
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    And Tasha says it so I don’t have to. :)
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    The DVD release coming and going without any cross-promotion of the digital book is a blindingly bad marketing mistake....
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    I bought it, and I’ll buy it again … but frankly, I find that the art is lacking. The artist either was told to not draw...
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