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Apr 20 '12

Young Justice Invasion Trailer shows new team member

A long rumored new character will show up in Young Justice Invasion according to the new trailer. Who? Click away.

Wonder Girl was originally planned for the show but the character was caught in legalese. Now we know she will show up. But which Wonder Girl would it be - Donna Troy or Cassie Sandsmark? We have our answer:

With Donna Troy in Super Best Friends Forever all Wonder Girl fans can be happy.

You can watch the trailer here

  1. khaleesinymeria reblogged this from dcwomenkickingass and added:
    OMG YAY!!!!!!! My two girls finally get animated!!! It’s like a dream come true.
  2. renamok reblogged this from dcwomenkickingass and added:
    Crying tears of joy. ♥
  3. marcussour reblogged this from dcwomenkickingass
  4. holyismstogoddamn reblogged this from aurora-foxglove and added:
    I always found Cassandra to be a little too bossy and selfish even in the YJ to be frank and in the TT she was worse....
  5. aurora-foxglove reblogged this from holyismstogoddamn and added:
    Hey, in the Young Justice comics she’s pretty sweet. At least she gets to be mainstream, unlike poor Bart… :(
  6. broadcastingfromvanishingpoint reblogged this from dcwomenkickingass
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  10. isabeauthered reblogged this from dcwomenkickingass and added:
    FUCK YES! I’ve been waiting so...Connor and Meghan just need to break up and...
  11. expressionsofanartist reblogged this from dcwomenkickingass and added:
    So Excited!!!
  12. ealperin reblogged this from adlegend21 and added:
    ^THIS. Plus, Static, Babs and Jamie Reyes, too!!!^
  13. ruhigknight reblogged this from dcwomenkickingass and added:
    I won’t lie I was hoping for Donna, but at least she’s on SBFF so both Wonder Girls are getting animation exposure. Plus...
  14. universalgeek reblogged this from dcwomenkickingass and added:
    YES. CASSIE! Her in YJ and Donna in Super BFF? Life is getting better. I love how Young Justice will not only get a...
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  17. furry-furrets reblogged this from dcwomenkickingass and added:
    Aw.. I would have liked Donna better; she goes better with Dick and Wally. I like her design though.
  18. steinbecks reblogged this from dcwomenkickingass and added:
    yo this is actually a very has inception BWAAAs and everything
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