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Thoughts, pictures, reviews and other stuff about the women in comics who kick ass. This is a feminist site. Deal with it.
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Apr 25 '12

It’s my second anniversary!

Two years ago today I put up my very first post. It may not surprise you to find out that it was of Batgirl.

I’m not really sure how many people visited the site that day, I didn’t even get a counter until a month or so later. Probably because I didn’t think I’d be doing this more than a few months.

My goal in starting the blog was simple - raise the visibility of the awesome female characters at DC Comics. The focus has expanded a little bit but that is still a huge reason why I do this.

And given that focus, it’s been an interesting and wild ride particularly this past year.

I’m tired and instead of writing a long post I’m taking the lazy person’s way out and just posting a bunch of stats.

Total number of unique visitors to blog - 700,012

Total number of visits - 1.93 million

Busiest day ever - July 27, 2011

Most viewed post - My interview with the Batgirl of SDCC (see day above). Second most viewed post, the post I did on the reports from SDCC about said Batgirl.

Post that still delivers hits 18 months later - A history of the boob window. Internetz you do not disappoint!

Sites that refer the most traffic - Bleeding Cool and The Mary Sue. Thanks Rich and Susana!

Number of parody sites of this blog that have been created - Three. DC Men Kicking Ass, DC Women Showing Ass, DC Women Tits and Ass. Sadly only one remains.

Number of famous women I have been compared to by other blogs - Two. Ann Coulter and Valerie Plame.

Number of famous men I have been compared to - One. Hitler.

Most common search term used in Google that finds my site - DC Women Kicking Ass. Talk about SEO! Of course, the word ass is number 10. My favorite search term is #17 - Power Girl tits (see above)

Number of fake emails used by my most ardent troll/stalker - at last count 10 for every letter in the word loser.

Most number of Disqus comments left on single post - 456.

Most Tumblr notes - 2000 +

Total number of Disqus comments left on blog - I don’t have any idea but as I have left 3290 responses and a low ball estimate is that I respond to to about 1 in 4 comments make my guess around 13,000 or so.

Number of times I’ve been called “feminazi”, bitch or cunt - believe me, enough times.

Number of times the tag “Barbara Gordon is Awesome” has been used - A lot.

Number of followers on Tumblr - 42,000

Number of followers on Twitter - 5200

Number of times I’ve come close to deleting the blog - 3 times. The closest time was June 21. Seriously.

Highest ranking on Technorati in comics - Seven, I think.

Number of words misspelled or typos that have appeared on this blog - It’s gotta be in the hundreds. I’ve fired the copy editor a dozen times.

Number of creator names I’ve mangled on the 3 Chicks podcast - Seven. Sorry Dan Dadiddyo.

Number of times I’ve rolled my eyes at something DC or Marvel have done or said - at least three times a week, so you do the math.

Amount of renumeration I have received for this blog in goods and services in two years - $172.90 mostly consisting of books for review and admission to cons.

Day I said “Fuck” the most - June 6, 2011

Day I was happiest this year- hmmm, September 14

The size of my thanks to the readers of this blog and the creators who make the comics I love - Ginourmous.

And here’s that awesome piece that Artist Avi Kishundat did for me. This is EXACTLY what I look like everyday when I am doing this blog.

Number of times I have lied in this post - one.

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