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May 7 '12

Time to pre-order Captain Marvel; here’s how

Are you excited for the new Captain Marvel coming out from Marvel by Kelly Sue DeConnick? Do you plan on buying it? Then go pre-order it. Pre-orders let you tell the shop owner there is a demand for this product. If you don’t pre-order they could under order it. And then when you go to get it there won’t be one for you or for someone else. 

But you may be saying “but Sue, how do I pre-order this?” Luckily the writer has made it easy to order the first issue and other issues featuring the fierce Carol Danvers.

Here’s what you do. Print this out. Go to the comic shop. Hand it to them. They may ask you to pay in advance. They may not. Depends on the store.


or this



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    I can’t emphasize this enough, folks! Comic shops order things on a non-returnable basis - that is, anything they order...
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    Yeah, same here. You’ll need to catch me up on what I need to know, but I want to support awesomeness.
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    I should probably tell Secret Headquarters that I want to sub to this title.
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    This is way cooler than what I did, which was just add it to my pull list last month.
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    I pre-ordered this earlier, because I order my comics online and have them delivered. But for those of you who get your...
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    Click on the link for the form and print it out!
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    Preordering my copies tomorrow! \o/
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    Yes yes do this! Especially considering this is going to be Marvel’s only series with a female lead!
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