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May 14 '12

So you’re a young female who loves Black Widow? What’s next?

Finally got to see The Avengers on Saturday and I really enjoyed it. Very fun although I think it could have used a trim of about 10 minutes. I took both my kids they both loved it (It is now my daughter’s third favorite movie and numbers 1 and 2 are Harry Potter movies so high props there.)

She walked out a huge Black Widow fan. So, of course, she asked, what else can I read? She’s already read the Paul Tobin Marvel Girls part of Marvel Adventures (order here ) and that’s appropriate for all ages. But what about the young female demographic?

I have the trade of Marjorie Liu’s run on Black Widow which is for ages 13 and up, so I’ll give her that. (order here)

But wait, doesn’t Marvel have Black Widow mini-series that is a tie-in directly to the Avengers movie? With Scarlett Johansson on the cover and everything? What a great way to grab female readers interested in the character from the movie!

And here’s the opening page

Apparently before Natasha was tied up by the Russians she was working in a Russia “adult club”. That’s her costume for the whole first issue. Now, she’s still kicking ass in the pages, but come on did she really need that outfit for the first issue?

The Avengers movie really did a female superhero as well any film has done to date. One wishes the comic tie-in hadn’t been so, well, comical predicatable.

But for those of you who have younger kids who liked the movie this got grabbed off the newsstand. I was impressed with how it featured a lot of Black Widow. There’s also a 11-page Loki/Thor comic. It comes out once a month and you can see more about it here. DC is also doing a similar project, the DC Nation Super Spectacular

So for girls who are younger, great job. For girls who are older, Meh. 

It’s clear that Marvel is trying with the female demographic as I found this ad in Vanity Fair. You can embiggen here

That’s a full page ad in Vanity Fair (which does not come cheap) assuming the women are interested in Spider-Man. Now not every woman wants or needs nail polish but the idea that nail polish and Spider-Man are seen as a marketing opportunity is, for me, very cool.

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    For anyone interested in Black Widow, both movie but especially comics, I’d really encourage following Fuck Yeah Black...
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    I continue to be disappointed that my salon isn’t carrying the Spidey polish.
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  14. femmebotnoir said: Marvel Adventures features a lot of issues with Black Widow teaming up with another hero. I used to read them to camp group and schools. :)
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