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Dec 16 '10

The most memorable moments in DC history for women: Nominee #2

I’ve written before about today’s moment. A series of moments really. Moments between two of the most famous women in DC Comics. Today’s guest poster is the man who co-wrote and did the pencils for this moment, the incredibly talented Phil Jimenez. The moment and his thoughts follow.

The second nominee for most memorable moment is from Wonder Woman #170 where Wonder Woman and Lois Lane spend the day together. This is the issue that made me into a Wonder Woman reader. Phil’s thoughts are below.

I’d always wanted to do an issue showcasing the post-Crisis Wonder Woman’s “day-to-day” exploits; it seemed like an excellent way to showcase her vast array of skills, from her scientific prowess to her media savvy to political power (or, thanks to Lex Luthor, lack thereof), as well as her personal life with friends and her romantic life, or lack thereof (poor Trevor Barnes!). It was also a wonderful way to use one of DC’s most prominent female characters, Lois Lane, to examine “who is Princess Diana?” and explore what had been a contentious relationship between them.  Finally, It seemed a great way to “break” from the action that proceeded it and that was going to follow it; it was meant to be a breather issue after the civil war on Themyscira and the upcoming Imperiex War.  

Joe Kelly was writing Superman at the time, and I adore him, and so we worked out the plot together and essentially wrote “our characters” while disseminating the information (i.e, I suggested what Lois might be remarking on — Wonder Woman’s favorite food, or what she was reading at the time), and he wrote it up in Lois’ voice.  We also wanted to tackle Wonder Woman’s relationship with Superman, and really hit home the idea that while Kal and Diana are best friends, Clark and Lois are husband and wife. Joe’s contributions are often underlooked on this issue, but his influence on its positive outcome cannot be overstated.  

I’m thrilled so many people seemed to like this story. I loved it too, and am glad that 10 years later it’s still considered essential Wonder Woman reading. Nothing could be more flattering.

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