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Dec 19 '10

The most memorable moments in DC history for women: Nominee #5

Nominee #5 could not be more timely. Today, I am extremely excited and pleased to have as my guest poster the incredibly talented Greg Rucka.

Greg is discussing the moment in Detective Comics #859, with art by J.H. Williams III when Kate Kane, the future Batwoman, resigns from West Point. His thoughts are below.

Way back - waaaay back - when I knew I was going to be writing Kate, and I knew we’d be telling her origin story, I knew I would write this scene. This was, in many ways, the first scene I wrote for Kate Kane, one I kept rewriting and rewriting in my mind until the time came to put it down on the page. I’d done a lot of research into West Point, and the Cadet’s Code of Honor had stuck with me, stuck with me all the more in the face of DADT. In my mind’s eye, even before ever seeing the Bat Symbol of encountering Batman, this was where Batwoman was born - in Kate’s need to serve something greater and to, at the same time, remain true to herself. She’s given the out; hell, Reyes wants her to take the out, but she refuses. The choice between attaining what has been - to that point - her life’s work, or betraying herself, is an impossible position. This is the moment, in my opinion, that defines her as a hero; it’s what makes her a person worthy of wearing the Bat Symbol.

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    This was the moment I became interested in Kate.
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    Awesome! Thank you bb - I suspect that I now know what I’m going to splurge some of my Christmas money on. :-D
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    Me too ^. Well, it was actually the third Rucka story to make me cry since Gotham Central. I have a problem!
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    While I had been enjoying Detective Comics: Batwoman a lot, this scene was the moment I fell in love with the character....
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    She first shows up in 52, but we don’t really learn a lot about here there. Her Tec stories, however, are great! The...
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