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Jun 11 '12

Cover and solicit for Catwoman #0

Oh look it’s the origin of Catwoman’s ass and how it got so round and prominent and why her right buttock is so much bigger!

Nope, just another character origin story.

At least March is drawing the interiors. Perhaps he is indeed off the book.


Written by JUDD WINICK



On sale SEPTEMBER 19 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T+

• The secret origin of Selina Kyle!

• Major shocks are in store for Catwoman this year – and this is just the beginning!

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    We need mountains more of butt brokeback mountain
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    Para plz stap kinkshaming. her body is built that way to take the knot DUH
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    is there enough ass and tits in there because i think you could’ve added more.
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    you ok do you need a doctor here let me call maybe he can fix your skeletal...
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    That looks painful.
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    Seriously, I don’t think a contortionist can pull...artist take any human motion art...
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    Catwoman will never be a strong female lead because she is so completely fucking saturated with Male Gaze. But all my...
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    Umm…it’s not about “looking realistic.” It’s about the sexism that’s still rampant within the comic book industry, the...
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    help im choking to death
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    Prehensile ass cheeks? :/ I’m pretty sure if you rotate her 180 degrees, you get goatse.
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    anatomy assholes have come back out...great numbers to be jackasses again. I ALMOST...
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    had legit back, because that pose makes me hurt just looking at it. WHY DOES...
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    All the comments are gold! This is making my day, haha!
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