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Jun 25 '12

Kick Ass Costumes for American Girl Dolls

If you’ve got an American Girl Doll (We’ve got like 5 here thanks to way too generous grandparents) or want to make Molly, Addie and Ivy a little bit more awesome, then I’ve found the perfect thing on Etsy; Wonder Woman Batgirl and Supergirl costumes.

I’m ordering that Batgirl costume.


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    I think I know what I’m getting for my youngest cousins this Christmas…
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    Do it. And I’ll send her letters from Barbara Gordon.
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    I still have my American Girl Dolls!!! lksdfldslksfdldfskl I want them so bad!!!!
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    I’ve been fanning the flames of affection for superheroines in my cousins little girl for a while now. I wonder if that...
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    Barbara fell in love with the Supergirl one…
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    Totally getting Josefina a Wondy costume, having no regrets.
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