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Jun 26 '12

Fans say “no more waffling DC; bring back Stephanie Brown to the DCU”

While it was recently revealed that Stephanie Brown, the Bat-verse character who has been known as Spoiler, Robin and Batgirl, would be joining the digital series Smallville Season 11, that’s still not enough according to a group of fans.

Calling themselves “Waffles for Stephanie” the group is driving a fan effort to communicate to DC that Stephanie Brown needs to return to the DCU as well.

Brown is a popular character and DC has been forced to deal with fan initiatives around the character in the past. The organization Girl-Wonder.Org was created after DC editorial, i.e. Dan Didio, refused to give Stephanie Brown’s Robin costume a case in the Batcave after the character was killed off.

The character was eventually returned to life and later became the third Batgirl in a run that was very well received by critics and fans.

When the new52 arrived, DC moved Barbara Gordon back into the role of Batgirl and announced that Stephanie (along with Cassandra Cain) was benched. After much hinting (and WAFFLING) that Stephanie would return on a regular basis, DC finally again fessed up that the character wouldn’t be used anytime soon.

The “Waffles for Stephanie” initiative is asking fans to send a message to DC on August 10 the day that last issue of Batgirl appeared AND the day the first issue of Smallville that includes Stephanie Brown debuts. You can read more here at their site.

While the original effort was focused on sending waffles in emulation of the successful effort with nuts for the TV show Jericho, the group also says that the messsage can include postcards, donations to charity or anything else that can communicate fan support for Stephanie Brown.

I’m going to support this initiative. As I said over a year ago the fact they managed to jam four former Robins into their current timeline but jettisoned both Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain (though she’s rumored to be in Batman, Inc. I’ll believe that when I see it) as former Batgirls is one of the clearest examples of how the DC reboot treated female characters vs. male characters.

I also know that efforts have been made to include Stephanie Brown in the new 52. And my understanding is they aren’t going anywhere soon.

And now some waffle moments with Stephanie Brown.

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