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Jun 28 '12

Earth 2’s Sam and Alan Scott: a great couple …

… of pages.

For those of you who bet that Robinson introduced Alan Scott’s boyfriend so he could kill him off and give Alan the angst required to become the Green Lantern …YOU WIN! Below see the preview of the third issue.

Eh, it’s not like I didn’t see this coming like a bullet train. I mean Lois was killed off page in the first issue just to give Superman a page of angst.

Pretty art by Nicola Scott, of course.


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    *HEADDESKING HEADDESKING HEADDESKING* oh DC, i am so embarrassed for you.
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    ^DITTO.^ Adding Mapollo, Northstar, Kyle Rayner & Terry Berg & Rictor & Shatterstar, to that mix, as well.
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    So long, Sam… At least...had a wonderful moment with...and,...
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    DC I have lost almost all faith in you.
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    SO WHAT WAS THE POINT!? What was the point of erasing a previously gay character (Scott’s son) and basically exchanging...
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    ^ This sounds like a good plan to me :) Billy and Teddy being adorable superhero boyfriends is definitely a good way to...
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    SERIOUSLY? Argh, fuck that. Glad I didn’t bother to actually pick up Green Lantern. EDIT: Isn’t this super shitty, btw?...
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    DC, you disgust me. You hype up your gay “major” superhero, have it turn out to be that other Green Lantern only nerds...
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    I’m rolling my eyes so hard my head hurts. “Hey, look how inclusive and open-minded we are, we created an ‘iconic’ gay...
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    Ouch, that’s just harsh DC.
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    Sooooooooo I am guessing Earth 2 does NOT have a Captain Marvel to be it’s champion. Lets just kill off a gay character...
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    That’d be my frustrated scream ringing through
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    business, aren’t they? Or are they plotting...pre-planned comeback that would generate...
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