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Jan 9 '11

DCU Online and Rule 63

In the upcoming DCU Online game, you are given a wide range of options for size, costume and personality when creating a character. Options differ based on gender.

As this article in Jezebel points out, your female character has a choice of height, Tall medium and small, with big boobs. Male characters are given the choice of three heights with concurrent increases in frame size.

Your costume can be “inspired” by a variety of DC heros and villains. Male and females have the same characters to select from. The costumes, however differ, in the male and female version.  I thought it might be interesting to look at the male and female versions of the female character’s costumes.

These models are based on a “large” male and a “medium” female.

Female version of Catwoman

Male Catwoman

Female version of Wonder Woman (I have no idea why that costume is used as Wonder Woman is shown in the old costume in the game. I wonder why the didn’t go with the new outfit?)

Male version of Wonder Woman

Female version of Circe

Male version of Circe

It was interesting how little the Catwoman costume changed from male to female (except for the face mask) vs. say Circe where there absolutely no resemblance beyond the use of purple. The Wonder Woman is similar except that top of the costume where the female version has a low cut top without arms.

But what about female versions of male characters? There was less variation between the male and female versions. Most of the female versions of male characters had full costumes resembling the males. One exception is the Joker.

Male version of Joke

Female version of Joker

I think the difference is quite clear.

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