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Jan 11 '11

THE most memorable moment in DC Comics history for a woman

Thanks to everyone who voted. There were just more than 1500 votes between here and Comicvine. The winning moment had 13% of the vote.

The Most Memorable Moment in DC History for a Woman is:

Wonder Woman snapping Max Lord’s neck. I hope you had a chance to read the great post by Bluefall on this moment.

The runners-up were:

2. Supergirl gives up her life to save the world in Crisis on Infinite Earths #7

3. Kate Kane resigns West Point because of DADT in Detective Comics #859

4. Barbara Gordon becomes Oracle in the Batman Chronicles #5

5. Wonder Woman beheading Medusa in Wonder Woman #210

Thanks for voting. I’ll have a longer post on the series later.

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    Yesss! I voted for two of the top three moments. Clearly I have impeccable taste. Also, please note that those same two...
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