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Jul 21 '12

Man of Steel teaser trailer: a uninspiring minute where dogs out number women

After watching the teaser footage for Man of Steel that debuted at SDCC last week, I was excited to see the official teaser trailer in theaters. And I did last night at a showing of The Dark Knight Rises.

What a let down.

While the SDCC footage was compelling, this was mundane and confusing and uninspiring.

The minute or so it runs,  you hear Russell Crowe talk-whispering about how people will “stumble and fall” but will someday “join you in the sun” while you see things see laundry floating on a line, two dogs, fishing boats (someone on Twitter said it looked like an ad for The Deadliest Catch) and a a butterfly trapped in the chain of a swing. And one far away shot of Superman flying. 

And what do you not see? One single woman. 

That’s right a teaser for a movie with Diane Lane and Amy Adams includes no footage or images of Diane Lane or Amy Adams. No Lois. No Ma Kent. But you do see a glimpse of Costner as Pa Kent. 

But the worse thing? In a movie theater filled with excited superhero fans (including about half who were women), this trailer received absolutely no response. No clapping, no hoots when the logo appeared. Nothing. 

This is not good. I don’t think many people walked out that theater feeling that couldn’t wait a year to see the movie.

There are lots of trailer and ads to come over the next year so I know this can be fixed. But too much is riding on this movie. Warner Bros. needs to step it up.

  1. 4ledurr said: same here- it was a small theater, the one i went to, and no one seemed excited
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  5. synexe said: While I agree, the lack of Ma Kent, Lois, even actual footage of Clark or Superman was a let down. I’m going to let WB/DC slide for now. I expect better trailers in the year ramping up to this. For the record though. I did get excited by what little footage there was and…
  6. silvanoir reblogged this from dcwomenkickingass and added:
    DEADLIEST CATCH TRAILER! Yes, that’s just what it looked like. Until the end it did not look like a Superman trailer AT...
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    People reacted the same way at the Batman Begins announcement. Like, oh, this is probably gonna suck. Just ya’ll wait....
  10. rugbylovesnerds reblogged this from oswinstark and added:
    Thanks for that tiny knife to the chest at the end there.
  11. oswinstark reblogged this from rugbylovesnerds and added:
    Someone asked about about a Justice League film at SDCC and they basically said what you said: They have to get people...
  12. willownight179 reblogged this from oswinstark and added:
    Lol, yes. I did not care for Superman Returns at all so that’s why I’m hoping for this movie to be better. And hopefully...
  13. theholyheadharpy reblogged this from dcwomenkickingass and added:
    People in my theater even laughed.
  14. obscuredawareness reblogged this from miamiasma and added:
    You know, it wasn’t just the Superman movie. It was every freaking trailer before Dark Knight Rises (which actually had...
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    Also- for some reason they used the music from The Fellowship of the Ring. You know the part where Gandolph dies? It’s...
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  19. jasonpierre said: I agree that the trailer sucked but it was obvious they were trying to copy the teaser trailer for Batman Begins. The one where you didn’t know it was a Batman movie until the final shot.
  20. batmanners reblogged this from dcwomenkickingass and added:
    I’m all for women in movies not being “token girlfriends” and the like, but honestly, this is silly to be upset about....
  21. thelectricninja said: It’s pretty bad when a little after midnight, our theater had almost the same reaction…one person (not me) clapped.
  22. realitypunchan said: not everything related to comics needs to have or be somewhat related to women. i mean c’mon, how many people did we actually see during the teaser? one? two? i think it’s unfair to demand that a certain sex is presented in a minute clip
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  24. dillydallydilettante said: There was no applause in my theatre either, however, there were a few whispered alterations of, “That’s gonna be AWESOME” within earshot of where I was sitting.
  25. hayvock said: Sounds like a isolated incident for the theater I saw it at went ape shit when it came on screen.
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