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Jul 21 '12

Man of Steel Teaser Trailer Debuts Online

Here’s the trailer I wrote about earlier today. Note: Actually this is the second version with Kevin Costner narrating. The one I wrote about was Russel Crowe narrating.

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    I HATE Superman… but I love Henry Cavill :( SO CONFLICTED!!!!
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    I am really excited to see this movie. Superman Returns was so mediocre, I am really hoping for a strong comeback for...
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    ugh this looks boring do we seriously need more “dark and gritty” superhero films? the world already has it enough with...
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    OMG xD Can’t Wait!!!!
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    Quel gran regista di Snyder.. Non vedo l’ora.
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    I can watch it again & again & again & again. I get goosebumps everytime.
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    And then no one cared. Seriously. Boring. Also, I was under the impression that Kansas didn’t have coastlines?
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    Is it terrible that I spent like… ten minutes analyzing the part where he’s on the boat to determine the boat (not...
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    Seriously, this would work so much better as an Aquaman trailer. Based on the DCnU Aquaman.
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    oh good I was getting tired of watching the other 5 superman movies.
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