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Aug 3 '12

Renee Montoya Continues her Adventures as the Question in Fan Created Comic

During SDCC DC Comics confirmed that Renee Montoya won’t be showing up in the new 52. Not surprising actually as the writer most associated with her, Greg Rucka, has said that his conversations with DC "made it very clear they had no interest in seeing Renee continue, either as the Question or not."

But not to fear Renee fans because today I bring you part two of the quite simply terrific fan made comic, Tattered Remains, which I posted about last year. The comic by the team of artist Krystal Beisick and writer Valerie Renee continues Renee’s adventures in a pre-52 Gotham where the Barbara Gordon as Oracle still exists and is working with the Birds, including Helena “not a fake ID burned on page” Bertinelli.

And like last year’s edition, it is an absolute joy to read. This edition has Renee revisiting key moments in her past. Here’s a look:

If you’re familiar with Renee from Gotham Central and Batwoman you’re going to enjoy especially enjoy this as it addresses some plot points from those titles.

So go read part 2 of Tattered Remains. And if you haven’t read part one, here’s a link to that. 

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