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Aug 17 '12

Kate Spencer Being Added to Arrow?

Remember Ashley Scott who played Helena Wayne, the Huntress, on the Birds of Prey live action show a few years back? Sure you do that’s her on the left.

A few days ago she tweeted that she was auditioning for a role in another DC show:

So we know two things. First, that Kate Spencer will be in Arrow. Which makes sense as the character always seems ready made for TV as editor Joan Hilty pointed out when I interviewed her and Marc Andreyko about the character earlier this year.

And second, if Scott got the role, she’d be the rare person to play two DC characters on television. 

And not only that two characters that have, kinda sorta, appeared together. Here’s Huntress and Kate Spencer from Manhunter.


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    I am actually being hopeful about this show.
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    I really loved this actress as the Huntress on Birds of Prey so I’m pretty happy that she’s going to be playing Kate...
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