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Aug 20 '12

It’s Time for Women to Read Comics in Public, Again!

Once again August 28th has been declared Read Comics in Public Day and once again I am going to run an concurrent event via a Tumblr blog. I started this event two years ago with the idea of ”what if we could show the world the diversity and a snapshot of the breadth of female comic readers. How would that look?” As it turns out pretty amazing. I honestly didn’t know if I would get one photo and I got many wonderful pictures from around the world.

I did it again last year and despite most of the Eastern part of the country being lashed by a huge hurricane I still got lots of pictures.

And this year I’m doing it again. But there are some differences. This year the day is in the middle of the week so I’m expanding the event to include the two days after. But if you can take your photo on the 28th, do it! Read on the bus, in the park, in your office, anywhere that isn’t your home. And if you don’t identify as a woman send in pictures of your girl friends, sisters, daughters, moms!

I don’t care what comic you read but if you are so inclined to read a superhero comic from Marvel or DC, that would be great. And if you want to post a sticky telling how much you spend on comics per month, all the better.

This year’s header for the event was designed by two of the youngest comics fans I know the wonderful Cate and Grace of "5 Minute Marvels". I think it’s terrific!

So let’s do this ladies; Let’s show ‘em. Help me spread the word and get as many women to participate possible in:

Women Read Comics in Public, Again!

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