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Aug 28 '12

Big Barda or Honey Badger: Who Gives a Shit Less?

Today is Jack Kirby’s birthday so let’s celebrate one of his greatest creations, Barda Free. How tough is Barda? Pretty tough. 

Oh look, someone shot Barda. Oh, is that blood? Barda doesn’t give a shit. “What’s for lunch?” she asks. 

Six villains in hot pursuit? Barda doesn’t care. Watch your back all six of you! 

These humans and their need to fit in. Barda doesn’t care; she wears what she wants.

Oh look the guys flying this crate are passed out. Barda doesn’t give a shit. She just shoves those guys aside and grabs the wheel.

Ha ha, a killer shark is about to take a bite of Barda. Barda don’t give a shit; she just punches that Shark in the face:

Oh, is that a dragon? Stand back Boostle, let Barda show it who is the boss. She’ll make that dragon cry like a baby.

Oh is that a flat tire? What use a jack? Barda don’t give a shit; she just lifts that truck right up.

What you’re supposed to use a bed for sexy times? Barda don’t give a shit; right here on the floor ‘bro.

That Nasty Ass Honey Badger just doesn’t stand a chance.

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    Fun Fact: Jack Kirby said the inspiration for Barda was his real wife.
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