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Sep 1 '12

Preview for Worlds’ Finest 0 Shows Earth 2 Catwoman; Lois Lane Still Dead

DC Comics has released a preview of the Worlds’ Finest Zero issue and there is both great joy and great annoyance.

First the great joy. I really like the reworking of Helena’s Wayne’s origins as Robin having her mother, Catwoman, acting as a mentor. The original Earth 2 Helena Wayne took up the  cape after the death of her mother. In this universe we see Catwoman as a proud parent.

Of course, Bruce doesn’t quite see things the same way.

Bat/Cat lust know no boundaries. Love the look on Helena’s face.

Meanwhile Superman is dealing with his cousin, Supergirl.

Why have they made Kara into such a smart ass? And whatchamean, “like Lois?”

I was hoping to see Lois and Superman together on at least one Earth. Guess not. Interesting that her newspaper is the Daily Planet rather than the Daily Star as it was on the pre New 52 Earth 2.

This version of the Superman costume works MUCH better for me than the collared one.  Wish they’d switch them. 

What do you think, do you like Earth 2 Catwoman?


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    This is a really cute dynamic. I like it!!
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    Catwoman. This preview...first things I’ve seen since
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    art, missing Lois, and,...smartass!!!! I’m actually liking
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    WTF? I think my brain exploded…yep there’s bits of them on the keyboard and the screen, oh, and even some on the...
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    Earth 2 Catwoman looks SO MUCH MORE AWESOME.
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    No puedo esperar >w
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    Hey, thanks! I totally missed that someone had answered me! (And answered my general “Dear DC Universe: wtf. Sincerely,...
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    I can’t help but wonder how they’re going to handle Wonder Woman in EARTH 2 #0 now. Robinson said that Diana wasn’t the...
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