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Sep 11 '12

The Wonder Woman Earth One That Could Have Been

Grant Morrison recently confirmed in an interview that he is working on a Wonder Woman project. Yanick Paquettete is rumored to be the artist and he recently kind of confirmed it or at least that it wasn’t a “Year One” project. But on yesterday’s “3 Chicks Review Comics” it was revealed it is a Earth One project and that it originally had another team. In an interview writer Greg Rucka said:

I, at one point, was supposed to write Wonder Woman Earth One like they did with Superman and Batman. JH [Williams] was going to draw it.

So what happened?

I was told I was not going to do it. Dan Didio called me and told me he was giving it to someone else. And I said if you take that away from me I can no longer work for you because I have taken many a job for you, sir, on the promise of doing this and now you’re taking it away and I can no longer accept your promises any more. He had his reasons for doing it; this is not me throwing stones. This is just the way things shook out.

He did know that the “someone else” was Grant Morrison.

Rucka was the ongoing writer for Wonder Woman for issues 195-226. He also wrote a standalone graphic novel The Hiketeia. Williams has taken on Wonder Woman in variety of projects from Justice Riders to including Wonder Woman in his current arc of Batwoman the book he worked on with Greg Rucka.

In the interview Rucka talks about how he would open the book. He also discusses why of all the Trinity he most wanted to write Diana. We also spoke with him about television pilot in development.

You can hear the whole thing here. 

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    There was going to be a Rucka/Williams Wonder Woman run?And they gave it to frigging Morrison? Why. Why, comics. Why,...
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    Really not all that eager to see Morrison give Diana “her Va-Va Voom back.” Here’s to hoping he doesn’t infect this...
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    Somehow I had missed this one. File it as reason #239487 why I hate DC Comics.
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    If this is really, honestly, truly the reason Rucka left DC so suddenly? Can someone please pitch a housebrick at Dan...
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    This really pisses me off. Dan Didio is nonstop making bad calls. Greg Rucka would have killed it. Greg and J.H. are the...
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