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Oct 15 '12

DC Video Shows Azzarello, Morrison, Chiang and Johns Talking about Wonder Woman

During NYCC, DC gathered Wonder Woman’s current creative teams to get to talk about the character. For a short piece it has a lot of interesting sound bites. Azzarello says that her strengths are “her compassion … and her muscles”. And he says that’s her weakness as well.

Chiang thinks she’s at her best “fighting Nazis” an her weakness is :she cares too much.” Johns says the “wonder” in Wonder Woman is isn’t that she is super strong but the Wonder she brings out in looking at the world. Morrison says a Wonder Woman is “a great fish out of water story” where you have a young girl who has never seen men “but can pretty much kick all their asses.”

There’s much more. I was pleased to hear previous writers of the character mentioned. There a lot of other interesting thoughts so give it watch. Do you think they get Wonder Woman? What did you like hearing? What didn’t you like?

And on a side note, I hope to see another one of these in a few years in which there is at least one woman in the talking heads line-up. A girl can dream, right?

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    Everything that makes Wonder Woman awesome! Really enjoyed everything they said about her, side note i can’t wait for...
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  7. shadow-hikari said: I’m going to be honest here. They only get Diana at a basic level. Chiang and Azzarello, much as I hate the current one, get Diana more than Morrison or Johns. Sad considering they’ve been at DC longer than the current people.
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    Overall I think they all have a good understanding of the character. Surprisingly, I’m liking Azzarelo’s run better than...
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