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Oct 20 '12

Wonder Woman on Film: Closer than Ever

We all know the Warner Bros. Films needs to get its act together on milking leveraging the assets of DC Comics. That’s why DC Entertainment was created. They revitalized Batman with the Dark Knight series but lag behind what Marvel has done with movies. But know with the future rights of Superman having much better standing after the courts ruled against the Shuster heirs, Warner Bros. is full speed ahead with a Justice League movie.

And this isn’t a dip of the toe in the water. This won’t be a fiasco like the George Miller coitus interruptus fustercluck. Warner Bros. is full speed ahead. They have the script and have stated the movie will be ready for summer of 2015, just in time to go up against the sequel to the Avengers.

As much as I like this to be a good movie, I think waiting until 2015 isn’t a good choice. Why wouldn’t they want to get out ahead of Avengers?  Even if they wait until after Man of Steel debuts next Summer to cast the film it still gives them a full year to bring a film out in summer of 2014. If Nolan could do it with The Dark Knight Rises, they should be able to do it with Justice League.

But the good news is that now more than any other time except when Megan Gale was cast in Miller’s Justice League film, the chances are high Wonder Woman will appear in a movie. 

I don’t expect a Wonder Woman movie before a Justice League movie. In fact, I’ll be shocked if that’s announced. In fact I’ll be somewhat surprised to even see the film roll on a Wonder Woman movie. But I do fully expect Wonder Woman to be in the Justice League movie. If she’s not, it will be … well let’s not go there. I can’t even … nope POSITIVITY!!!!!

So open up your photoshops and start your dream casting for Wonder Woman on film. And send me your picks and I’ll post them But please no Megan Fox!

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    I hope this happens! I have no ideas for who could play WW, but it has to be someone who actually looks like she could...
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    this is my vote for WW Gina Carano enough said.
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    Hell yea to these choices
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    Whoever thought Megan Fox could cut it as Wonder Woman has got to much modern nerd on the brain
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